MC EPIC - A Georgia DOE STEM Certified Program
  • What is EPIC?  

    MC EPIC is a STEM Certified Program at Mill Creek High School.

    Mill Creek High School offers students a unique STEM opportunity for rising 9th graders. The Mill Creek STEM program, EPIC, is built upon learning strategies that are experiential, project-based, innovative, collaborative, and cross-curricular. The program is a response to STEM industry calls for employees who have both a solid academic foundation and “soft” skills (e.g., interpersonal communications, working with others in a team) along with critical thinking skills. Students take four classes within the EPIC program - their science, math, and language arts academic classes as well as an engineering elective. The rest of their classes are traditional 9th-grade classes. EPIC students have the opportunity to take any AP courses available to other MC students as well as all electives offered at Mill Creek. EPIC students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and clubs, as EPIC is a program that recognizes the benefits of being a well-rounded student. Enrollment for the 9th-grade class is open to 8th-grade students who successfully complete Algebra or Accelerated Algebra in 8th grade and fill out a brief application during the registration process. The application will be released in November of 2021 and the deadline for the application is February 1, 2022.

    EPIC Night 2020:  If you missed our most recent EPIC Night, visit our highlights page to see an overview of the amazing displays!

  • Rising 9th Graders

    If you are a rising 9th grader for 2022-23, look for more information soon!

    If you missed the application window for 2021-22, or are moving to the area and interested in EPIC - please contact Kelly Dyar at  


    Registration Information from 2021-22 

    Video: EPIC Rising 9th Video

    Information: EPIC - STEM Presentation

    If the EPIC - STEM Presentation is not showing, here is a PDF version.

    If you have questions, please check out our FAQ here:  




    The application is currently not open.  The application for 2022-23 will open in November of 2021.  Check back soon.

  • EPIC Application to use if you are new to the Mill Creek High school cluster for 2022-23.



  • EPIC Night 2021

    Our first ever VIRTUAL EPIC Night was this past winter.   We are so proud of our teachers and students for problem solving on the fly (full moon & technology!) and creating a great night for seniors and presentations.   The website will host the videos through February if you would like to check them out.  Videos include:

    • Senior Night 
    • 2 Zooms of Student Presentations 
    • Recording of the Live Q&A for Rising 9th Grade Students (2 seperate videos)
    • YouTube Channels of students from 9th - 12th grade presenting different projects and ventures
    • At Home STEM Activities

    *Note - if the website shows an error - make sure your student is not logged into GCPS - Logging out fixes the issue*

    EPIC Night Save the Date

  • For questions about EPIC please contact Kelly Dyar           

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  • "EPIC has brought me into a new culture of learning- it has enhanced my ability to work in a team, be a leader, and adapt to challenges at hand."
    MC EPIC Student

    "Project-Based Learning is learning with a different 
    perspective which is what makes PBL unique." 
    MC EPIC Student