Community members holding a sign reads promise of gwinnett
  • We would like to welcome you to Meadowcreek Community School, where we believe in appreciating diverse view points, and the motivation to become lifelong learners pursuing lives as productive members of a global society!

    We are open to the entire Meadowcreek Cluster family so that we can offer many programs, services, and classes that will facilitate growth and development . We attempt to offer training, and exploration that is enjoyable and relaxing to all ages.

    If you do not find a course that interests you, please send our office an email. We want to continue to expand our program and offer new and exciting opportunities to learn and grow. Please stop by and visit our community center!



    The mission of the Mustang Community Foundation (M.C.F.) is to empower collaborative efforts among all stakeholders while providing educational resources and opportunities to strengthen the Meadowcreek community’s Academics, Athletics, and Fine Arts programs.


    The purpose of the Mustang Community Foundation is to financially improve and support the Academics, Athletics, and Fine Arts programs within the Meadowcreek community and create opportunities for the most effective leaders to fulfill the mission and vision of their individual program while sustaining the mission and vision of Meadowcreek High School.


    1. Establish community partnerships to strengthen the local economy.
    2. Provide financial scholarships to reward Academic, Athletic, and Arts achievement
    3. Provide resources and educational opportunities to increase participation and development of all students.
    4. Improve the facilities of Meadowcreek High School.
    5. Promote all community programs and student achievements.


    1. Building support for Meadowcreek High School.
    2. Building collaboration among community organizations to support the Meadowcreek community.
    3. Raising funds to improve the facilities and support all stakeholders of the Meadowcreek High School community.