Promoting social development using ensemble-based Cuban and American inspired music to educate and transform the lives of socioeconomic disadvantaged students in third through twelfth grades.


    The mission of The Gonzalez Foundation is to provide musical and intellectual opportunities to children in need to internationally impact transformative social change. We strive to eliminate the barriers of poverty, low-income support, and injustice of our students. We will inspire our students to become positive citizens and productive leaders within our global society.

Julian Gonzalez


    Julian Gonzalez Julian Gonzalez never forgot his humble beginnings in Puerto Rico, as he tutored many students on strings and keyboard at no charge.

    His philanthropy extended far beyond the US and Puerto Rico as he endeavored to aide students in Cuba and Haiti by working to establish a non profit to supply students with instruments and lessons.

    Through the Julian Gonzalez Foundation his legacy will live on. 


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  • Dr. McKinnley and student

Music Schools in Havana

  • Children in Havana The National School of the Arts (La ENA) is the flagship center of artistic education and has five specialties: ballet, music, theater, dance and fine arts. The music school oversees the learning of more than 400 high school level students who study with prestigious instructors. World-renowned graduates include Arturo Sandoval, José Luis Cortés, X Alfonso, Victor Rodríguez and Orlando Valle "Maraca".

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    The Horns Project/Horns  to Havana is a New York City-based nonprofit organization dedicated to instrument  donation, repair and training and education and cultural  exchanges. In the improvisational and exploratory spirit of jazz, we strive to fulfill dreams of aspiring young musicians and work to strengthen the ties between countries using shared musical traditions.