• Neat Trivia

    NEAT is an exciting program to help educate students on nutrition and healthy eating. We visit classrooms to teach students different nutrition facts monthly, and provide taste tests of different fruits or vegetables.

    Students have the opportunity to win two movie tickets by correctly answering the Trivia Question of the month which is displayed in the commons.

    Image of school lunch statistics


  • MHS Cafeteria Staff

    Clenese Brown – Cafeteria Manager

    Jerry Hatcher – Assistant Manager
    Patricia Anderson 
    Shakila Bano
    Ahmad Boyd
    Sylvia Boyd
    Bessie Love
    Yvelisse Quezada
    Monica Rivera
    Dora Villatoro
    Alain Vusan
    Yuko Chamberlain
    Brenda McCrimmon
    Kimberly Williams
    Alejandro Carrillo
    Latrise Hall
    Sharon Pierce
    Lisa Sanchez
    Jessica Albels
    Joe Taylor
    Michael Feliu
    Kevin Garcia