• Georgia Department of Education 2016 Parent Leadership Award Recipient : Mr. Philemon Maliro

    Picture of Philemon Maliro

  • Philemon Maliro is described by Meadowcreek High School faculty and community members as someone who exemplifies “determination and integrity.”  Meadowcreek High School, an extremely diverse school in Gwinnett County with over 3,000 students and approximately 90 different language translations offered on its website.  Mr. Maliro seems to embody the spirit of Meadowcreek as he is from the Democratic Republic of Congo Africa and speaks five languages himself: English, French, Russian, Swahili, and his national language of Lingala.  It is fitting that someone with such a rich and diverse background become a parent leader in such a rich and diverse community. 

    Mr. Maliro is the dedicated father of three children Mwenge, Daniel, and Joshua.  He and his wife, Doris, came to the United States in 2005 from Russia.  In 2014, Mr. Maliro enrolled in the Meadowcreek High School E3 (Empowered, Engaged, and Equipped) Parent Leadership Academy.  As part of the program, participants are required to work on two community projects.  Mr. Maliro decided that his committee should take on a community safety project because of insufficient lighting along the street in front of the school where Meadowcreek High School students and parents walk in the dark during early morning and late afternoon hours.  Under his leadership, the committee developed and executed their plan to secure additional lighting within two months, thereby increasing the safety of children to and from school.The inspiration for the second project came from the fact that out of 25 Parent Leadership Academy participants, Mr. Maliro was the only male.  In order to promote male engagement in the school, he co-founded a chapter of All Pro Dad at Meadowcreek High School this year.  All Pro Dad’s purpose is to support the intentional focus of fathers to love and lead their families. Mr. Maliro is diligently working to help fathers become positive role models for their children.  One of his life goals is to open schools and orphanages in the rural areas of the Eastern Congo.