• Radloff Registration and Withdrawal Information


  • April 2020: Due to COVID-19 school closures, the registration process for Gwinnett County Public Schools has changed.  

    If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact the school at 678-245-3400.

    1. Parents will complete the online registration process on the GCPS website.

    2. During the online registration process, parents will upload required documentation.

        Directions for uploading documentation during the online registration process can be found here.

    3. Upon completion of the online registration process by the parent, the school will contact the parent virtually to verify that everything has been completed and the required documentation has been submitted.

    4. Once registration is verified as complete, the school will assign a student to a class. This information will be communicated to the parent by a school administrator.

        At this time, the administrator will also explain the process for completing digital assignments. A username and password will also be provided for the student.


  • We wish your child the best during the transition to a new school. Our school system has an easy-touse, secure online withdrawal process that will allow you to complete the form required for withdrawing your child.

    Once you complete and submit the online withdrawal form, you will be contacted by a school representative to verify your id and to provide you with any additional information necessary to complete the withdrawal if needed for your child.


    Please complete the form and submit it:


  • The following documents can be uploaded during the online registration process.Most document attachments (PDF, JPG, DOC, PNG, etc) are compatible. The filesize limit is 2 MG.

    • Two Proof of Residency documents – A current utility bill plus one other document.
    • Birth Verification – Student’s Birth Certificate
    • A Georgia certificate of immunization
    • Evidence of Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutrition Screening obtained in the past year
    • Proof of authorized person to enroll – This is only required for Non-Birth Parents
    • A photo ID, Driver License or Passport
    • Child’s social security number – Students will be enrolled, even if this number is not provided. (However, parents will be asked to sign a waiver.)
    • Non-GCPS Report Card/Transcript
    • Non-GCPS Discipline Records
    • Previous School’s Withdrawal Form