We strive to serve our students through their academic classes either by direct services or consultation with an ELL teacher. We are here to work with both you and your child as you navigate through the many challenges of attaining a high school diploma as well as becoming productive members of society and lifelong learners. “Collaborate, Inspire, Own” are not just words to us. We work hard to ensure that quality instruction and knowledge are available to each child on a daily basis. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher(s) via email if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help.

  • Philosophy

    Each English Language learner comes to school uniquely equipped with valuable skills and experiences rooted in other places and cultures. GCPS provides effective instruction that recognizes these skills and allows ell students to expediently 1) attain proficiency in English and 2) perform at or above grade level in academics.


    ELL students will graduate from GCPS with the knowledge and skills to be successful after high school, either continuing their education at the post-secondary level or entering the workforce. As problem solvers and communicators with an international perspective and 21st-century skills, they will contribute to the global competitiveness of our communities, county, and state.


    Ensure that English Language Learners in Gwinnett County Public Schools achieve excellence by attaining proficiency in English and meeting or exceeding grade-level AKS in all content areas as quickly as possible.

  • ESOL Courses

    ESOL I



    ESOL I Language

    ESOL I Literature

    Language Content Development

  • Sheltered Courses

    Communication Skills (Math)


    Algebra I

    Earth Systems


    World History

    U.S. History

ELL Assistant Principal

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ELL Department Chairs

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