Attendance, Check-In & Check-Out

  • Check-In & Check-Out:

    If a student is checking in late, the student should check in at the Mustang Lobby Office, by the New Gym.

    If a student knows they are being checked out, the student is to bring in a parent note to the attendance office before school. The last check out is 1:15pm.


    Pre-Arranged Absences:

    Students who anticipate being absent can fill out the Pre-Arranged Absence Form from Office 1.104. This form needs to be turned in to the Mustang Lobby Office or 1.104 for final approval. 

    This form is to be used when parents/guardians wish to keep their students out of school for travel purpose, vacations and other reasons, which are not considered excused by the State board of Education Policy. (Student Handbook, Attendance Procedures) NOTE: College visits are excused (allowed 3 per school year).


    Excused Absences:

    To excuse an absence, please bring a note from your parent or from your doctor to the Mustang Lobby Office or Office 1.104 before school or during lunch.

    This information must be included in the student's note:


    Maxwell students are responsible to give another copy of the note to Maxwell HS, and ITC students need to take their notes to Trailer 25.

    Only DOCTOR, COURT, DEATH IN FAMILY, OR SICK notes will be excused.

    Return notes to Front Office 1.104 or in Mustang Lobby Office


    College Visits:

    It is best for students to choose to visit colleges during the weekend or summer and not to miss a school day for a college visit. If a senior must go to a college during a school day they will need to present the College Visit form to the attendance office upon their return from the college. Parents need to fill out a portion, then it is presented to each teacher, upon the actual visit to the college, a signature from a college official is needed to verify that the senior attended the visitation. Once the form is complete, it will be turned in to the school’s attendance office.



    • Students are considered tardy when they arrive on campus any time after 7:00 AM. Tardy students must sign in at the attendance office.
    • A student is considered tardy to class when they arrive after the last bell has finished ringing and must report to the nearest tardy office.



    • Being absent from school or class without permission. Examples are: Skipping an entire class period; being 10 or more minutes late to class without an excused pass; leaving class without the teacher’s permission