Meadowcreek High School offers a strong academic program for students. A comprehensive set of learning objectives, called Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS), is being implemented in all subjects. AKS provides a common foundation for teachers to use as they develop meaningful lessons. Teachers supplement the AKS with a variety of strategies to create an academically rigorous environment for students.


    Gateway Test (Administered in October, January, April, and June)
    Milestone Tests (Administered in December and May)
    PSAT, SAT, and ACT (The SAT and ACT are not administered at Meadowcreek High School)
    AP Exams (Administered in May)

    Dr. Adrienne Wylie, Curriculum Administrator

    Ms. Beatrice Hardee, Schools Administrative Student Information (SDMC) Clerk

    Contact Information

    Phone: 770-806-2233/770-638-2349
    Email: mhscurriculum@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

Grading Scale / Promotion

  • Letter Grade & Percentage:

    A = 90% to 100%
    B = 80% to 89%  
    C = 74% to 79%  
    D = 70% to 73%  
    F = 0% to 69%  

  • 9th Grade Promotion Requirements

    For promotion to 10th grade, freshmen are required to have a minimum of 5 credits.

    • 9th grade Language Arts
    • Algebra I / Accel Algebra I 
    • Biology / AP Biology
    • World Geography / AP Human Geography
    • Personal Fitness (.5 credit) 
    • Health (.5 credit)
    • 2 Additional Electives

  • 10th Grade Promotion Requirements

    For promotion to 11th grade, sophomores are required to have a minimum of  11 credits.

    • 10th Grade Language Arts
    • Geometry / Accel Geometry
    • Chemistry 
    • World History / AP World History 
    • 3 Electives 

  • 11th Grade Promotion Requirements

    For promotion to 12th grade, juniors are required to have a minimum of 17 credits.

    • 11th grade Language Arts
    • Algebra II / Accel Precal / AP Calculus AB
    • Physics / AP Physics I
    • US History / AP US History 
    • 3 Electives 

  • 12th Grade Graduation Requirements

    To become a graduate of Meadowcreek High School, seniors are required to have a minimum of 23 credits from the require academic areas.

    • 12th British Literature / AP British Literature 
    • 4th Math - Precalculus, Accel Precalculus, AP Calculus AB or BC, AP Statistics, Adv. Calculus II 
    • 4th Science - Oceanography, Astronomy, Forensic Science, Robotics, AP Computer Science, AP Environmental Science, Anatomy & Physiology, AP Chemistry
    • Economics (.5 credits)
    • Political Systems (.5 credits)
    • 3 Electives 

  • Gateway

    In order to earn a regular Gwinnett County high school diploma, students must:

    Pass Gwinnett's High School Gateway Writing Assessment.

    Click here to access the Meadowcreek Gateway Resources eCLASS page

    If you are having trouble accessing the page, please see Ms. Poplar in the Media Center.

  • Register for the SAT and ACT

    School Code: 112279

  • SAT and ACT Fee Waivers

    Students must be enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program to be eligible. The waivers cover two separate SAT/ACT registrations. If you qualify for fee waivers, see your counselor.

  • SAT and Khan Academy Test Prep

    At Official Practice on Khan Academy, you can access thousands of questions approved by the College Board, take four SAT practice tests, and create personalized SAT study plans based on your results for FREE.


    Cumulative final exams will be given the last 4 days of each semester. We ask that you avoid scheduling appointments during the final days of the semester because of review for and administration of the final exams. Exams will not be given early. Students will not be permitted to check out during an exam period. If a student misses an exam due to an excused reason, the exam can made up during the week listed below. Students may not use pre-arranged absences on exam days. Vacation and traveling outside of the country are not excused absences.

    FINAL EXAMS: 20% of the overall grade

    Semester grades for all Language Arts, PE, Foreign Language and Technical Education classes are comprised of a 10% multiple choice final exam and a 10% writing/performance exam. All other courses have a breakdown of 15% for multiple choice and 5% for performance/writing.

    What do I do if I miss a Final Exam?

    Students with an EXCUSED ABSENCE (pre-arranged absences do not count as excused) may make up a missed final exam in January. Note: Absences are unexcused for all other reasons, including but not limited to the following*:

    a. Missing the bus, oversleeping, power outages;

    b. Vacations, trips, family visits, college visits, non-school-sponsored events;

    c. Car trouble, babysitting, running errands, traffic accidents/problems

    *The information listed above can be found on page 8 of the GCPS Choice Book.


    To graduate, Georgia students must earn a minimum of 23 credits 

    (also called units) in the following areas of study:


    4 Credits/Units

    1.0 must be 9th Grade Language Arts                   
    1.0 must be 11th Grade Lang. Arts-American Lit.


    4 Credits/Units

    Including Integrated Algebra I, Integrated Geometry,
    Integrated Algebra II, & Additional Math


    4 Credits/Units

    Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and a Science Elective
    (3 required and 1 elective)


    3 Credits/Units

    World History, U.S. History, Econ/Pol. Systems


    3 Credits/Units

    Any combination of Fine Arts, Technical Electives 
    or Modern/Classical Language

    2 units of Modern/Classical Language are required 
    for university admission in the state of Georgia



    1 Credit/Unit

    or 3.0 Units of JROTC


    4 Credits/Units