• Robotics Club (SID/PID)

    Beebots The Robotics Club allows students to explore the ways that robots can assist people and to participate in hands-on learning experiences with several types of robots.  Students will gain experiences with Beebots, Sphero, Dot & Dash, and more. 

  • Photography Club (SID/PID)

    iPad taking a picture Students will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of photography activities such as angles of view, shadows, shapes, senses, and colors.  They will also help our yearbook staff with taking pictures of students while they engage in clubs.  Students will also participate in photo scavenger hunts.  

  • Service Club (SID/PID)

    When we help others we help ourselves Students will have an opportunity to engage in volunteer activities to help their school and community. Tentative activities will include decorating bulletin boards for Red Ribbon Week and Veteran’s Day, assisting in putting together care packages for the women’s shelter in Lawrenceville, making holiday cards for the elderly in assisted living and children in hospital, distributing teacher appreciation gifts, and hopefully enjoying guest speakers from Duluth Civitans and a local high school Key Club.

  • Dance Club (SID/PID)

    Dancing with girl in wheelchair The dance club will give students exposure to a variety of dance forms and dance music.  Each month we will meet and students will have a chance to choose what dance form they want to be exposed to. Their choices will be Hip Hop, Ballroom, Salsa, Tango, Step Dances and Line Dances.

  • Drama Club (SID/PID)

     colorful theater masks Students in the drama club will have the chance to shine individually while still working with others in creating a performance. Students will have a final performance in the spring.

  • Book Club (SID/PID)

    Stack of books Students will be exposed to a variety of literary genre and author biographies. Students will participate in activities to encourage active engagement in the stories/books.

  • Game Club (SID/PID)

    different board games on shelves This is the OMS Game Club where students engage in multi-sensory gaming to challenge/explore, process information and win a game.

  • Art Club (SID/PID)

     paint brushes with paint on a piece of paper Students will have opportunities to make creative, sensory enriched art pieces to take home or display at the Art Walk.

  • Sewing Club (NM 4-5)

    Sewing machine with fabric going through the footer The Sewing Club will provide students with an introduction to beginners sewing on a brother sewing machine.  Each month we will sew a project for the student to take home.

  • Coding Club (NM 4-5)

    students playing with lego robots The coding club will provide students with an introduction to online/game coding using the website www.code.org.  

  • Cooking Club (NM 4-5)

    Students cooking, one girl is stirring with spoon in a bowl The Cooking Club allows students to engage in hands-on cooking activities.  Students will enjoy the experience of following a recipe and then eating the food they created.  A booklet with the recipes created this school year will be given to the students at the end of the school year.  

  • Robotics Club (NM 4-5)

    two students on floor playing with robots they designed The Robotics Club is designed to provide an overview of what robots can do and allow hands-on experience with several types of robots. Students will gain experience with Beebots, Sphero, Dot & Dash, Ozobot/Ozobit, Lego WeDo 1 & 2.0.  

  • Sports Club (NM 4-5)

     variety of sports balls The Sports Club seeks to expose students to various skills and experiences related to multiple sports. The objective is to have fun and enjoy being in the club while learning something new and hopefully developing a new appreciation for another skill or sport.

  • Cooking Club (NM K-3)

    two students cooking The cooking club will allow students to have the opportunity to cook a variety of foods.  Students will learn some basic cooking techniques and then be able to taste the foods they have cooked themselves.  Students will also be exposed to some home economic skills such as washing dishes, folding towels, setting a table using the proper place setting etc.

  • Art Club (NM K-3)

    Several students sitting at table with teacher doing art Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of art activities. They will develop their creative skills as they create works of art to share with their families or display at our Art Walk in the spring.

  • Robotics Club (NM K-3)

     three students playing with lego robots they designed Go Beebots! We will be using this robotics teaching tool to introduce students to programming. Beebots use a simple interface allowing student programmers to plan moves (forward, backward, turn, stop), flashlights and make sounds. Beebots can store up to 40 steps and each step has flashing lights and sounds to confirm it was stored. Student programmers will work in pairs as they are guided through a series of challenge mats and obstacles based on STEM objectives. The Beebot Club will provide a fun atmosphere for students to learn real-time programming while practicing coordinates and sequential reasoning.