• Cooking Club (NM K-3)

    The Cooking Club allows students to engage in hands-on cooking activities.  Students will enjoy the experience of following a recipe and then eating the food they created.  A booklet with the recipes created this school year will be given to the students at the end of the school year.  

  • Osmo Club (NM K-3)

     Students playing with the Osmo app on the iPad and with the letter tiles.

    Osmo Club will give students an opportunity to play games as they learn with puzzles, numbers, spelling, and drawing.  It utilizes the iPad and hands-on tiles.

  • Robotics Club (NM 4-5)

     Two students playing on the floor with a robot.

    The Robotics Club is designed to provide an overview of what robots can do and allow hands-on experience with several types of robots. Students will gain experience with Beebots, Sphero, Dot & Dash, Ozobot/Ozobit, Lego WeDo 1 & 2.0.  

  • Robotics Club (NM K-3)

    Three students are working together on a robot.

    Go Beebots! We will be using this robotics teaching tool to introduce students to programming. Beebots use a simple interface allowing student programmers to plan moves (forward, backward, turn, stop), flashlights and make sounds. Beebots can store up to 40 steps and each step has flashing lights and sounds to confirm it was stored. Student programmers will work in pairs as they are guided through a series of challenge mats and obstacles based on STEM objectives. The Beebot Club will provide a fun atmosphere for students to learn real-time programming while practicing coordinates and sequential reasoning.

  • Science Club (NM 4-5)

    Science Club will explore science related topics and see them at work first hand.  Come see how cool science can be!

  • Sensory Art Club (NM K-3)

     Art palette with paint and brushes.

    Sensory Art Club will give students an opportunity to make creative, sensory rich art that can be taken home or displayed at the Art Walk event.  

  • Sports Club (NM 4-5)

     Various sports balls.  Soccer, basketball, tennis.

    The Sports Club seeks to expose students to various skills and experiences related to multiple sports. The objective is to have fun and enjoy being in the club while learning something new and hopefully developing a new appreciation for another skill or sport.

  • Technology Club (NM 4-5)

    The Technology Club will give students an opportunity to explore and learn about various aspects of technology and how they are useful for students.

  • Art Club

    Students will have opportunities to make creative, sensory enriched art pieces to take home or display at the Art Walk.

  • Book Club (ES only)

     Open book displayed on a table.

    Students will be exposed to a variety of literary genre and author biographies. Students will participate in activities to encourage active engagement in the stories/books.

  • Dance Club

    Jolly woman dancing around with a joyful student in a wheelchair.

    Dance Club will give students exposure to a variety of dance forms wand dance music.  Each month, we will meet and stuents will have a chance to choose what dance form they want to be exposed to.  Their choices will be Hip Hop, Ballroom, Salsa, Tango, Step Dances, and Line Dances.

  • Game Club

     Shelves of board games on display.

    This is the OMS Game Club where students engage in multi-sensory gaming to challenge/explore, process information and win a game.

  • Science Club (ES only)

     Picture of a telescope

    Science Club will explore science related topics and see them at work first hand.  Come see how cool science can be!

  • Service Club (MS and HS only)

     Hand holds a sign that reads "Practice Kindness".

    OMS Service Club will give students an opportunity to serve others through acts of kindness.

  • Sports Club (MS and HS only)

    In Sports Club, students will have the opportunity to play and experience various adapted sports, let by our very own Adapted P.E. teachers.  Students will enjoy the liveliness of the activities and working as a team as they play and have fun.

  • Game Club

     Dice and game pieces

    The Game Club is a place where Transition students will engage in multi-sensory games to challenge, explore, and process information as they play games.

  • Gardening Club

    Pots of dirt with small plants starting to grow.

    In Gardening Club, students will get to experience playing in the dirt, planting seeds, and caring for a variety of plants.

  • Line Dancing Club

     3 people with western boots line dancing

    Line Dancing club will give students an opportunity to express themselves through dance.  Fun music and easy-to-learn moves will make line dancing fun for all.

  • Service Club

     Note on a corkboard.  By helping others...we help ourselves.

    OMS Service Club will give students an opportunity to serve others through acts of kindness.