• The purpose of clubs at Oakland Meadow School is to allow students to explore their interests, discover new passions and hobbies, nurture life skills, and improve academic performance. 


    We will be offering the following clubs during the 2022-23 school year.  

  • Game Club

    shelf with different games

    Students will engage in mulit-sensory gaming to challenge, explore, process information while playing games.

    Lead by: Justyna Johns

  • Cooking Club

    The Cooking Club allows students to engage in hands-on cooking activities.  Students will enjoy the experience of following a recipe and then eating the food they created. 

    Lead by: John McDonald

  • Robotics Club

     Two students playing on the floor with a robot.

    The Robotics Club is designed to provide an overview of what robots can do and allow hands-on experience with several types of robots. Students will gain experience with Beebots, Sphero, Dot & Dash, Ozobot/Ozobit, Lego WeDo 1 & 2.0.  

    Lead by:Cathy Etheridge

  • Science Club

    Science Club will explore science related topics and see them at work first hand.  Come see how cool science can be!

    Lead by: Wendy Mumme

  • Art Club

     Art palette with paint and brushes.

     Art Club will give students an opportunity to make creative, sensory rich art that can be taken home or displayed at the Art Walk event.  

    Lead by: Darri Henderson 

  • Sports Club

     Various sports balls.  Soccer, basketball, tennis.

    The Sports Club seeks to expose students to various skills and experiences related to multiple sports. The objective is to have fun and enjoy being in the club while learning something new and hopefully developing a new appreciation for another skill or sport.

    Lead by: Jessica Bonds

  • Technology Club

    The Technology Club will give students an opportunity to explore and learn about various aspects of technology and how they are useful for students.

    Lead by - Kirste Brooks & Tracy Dankberg

  • Photography Club

    Students in Photography Club will get to share their creativity by making photo collages, taking photos for the OMS yearbook, and photo shoots and challenges around the school.

    Lead by: Molly Angi

  • Cooking Club

    In Cooking Club students will have an opportunity to use Alternative Technology (AT) and multiple modes of communication to follow a recipe and complete cooking activities with the support of an adult.  Each month we will have a different recipe to follow, and at the end of the school year, students will have a collection of recipes for them to keep.

    Lead by: Sandra Lisic

  • Nature/Garden Club

    The goal of the garden club is to have the students explore and create the beauty and fresh air of the great outdoors! Each club promises to be sensory, stimulating and engaging while also enjoying the peacefulness of a quiet atural space for learning.  The students will enjoy learning basic gardening skills as they explore the beauty of dirt, worms, seeds and the natural process of the life cycle of plants and flowers.

    Lead by: Becky Kidwell

  • Art Club

    Students will have opportunities to make creative, sensory enriched art pieces to take home or display at the Art Walk.

    Lead by: Christina Mahoney

  • Dance Club

    Jolly woman dancing around with a joyful student in a wheelchair.

    Dance Club will give students exposure to a variety of dance forms wand dance music.  Each month, we will meet and stuents will have a chance to choose what dance form they want to be exposed to.  Their choices will be Hip Hop, Ballroom, Salsa, Tango, Step Dances, and Line Dances.

    Lead by: Chi-Chi Obi

  • Game Club

     Shelves of board games on display.

    This is the OMS Game Club where students engage in multi-sensory gaming to challenge/explore, process information and win a game.

     Lead by:  Claire Hallock

  • Science Club

     Picture of a telescope

    Science Club will explore science related topics and see them at work first hand.  Come see how cool science can be!

    Lead by: Paula Wilson

  • Service Club

     Hand holds a sign that reads "Practice Kindness".

    OMS Service Club will give students an opportunity to serve others through acts of kindness.

    Lead by: Sharon Rich 

  • Sports Club

    In Sports Club, students will have the opportunity to play and experience various adapted sports, let by our very own Adapted P.E. teachers.  Students will enjoy the liveliness of the activities and working as a team as they play and have fun.

    Lead by: Ashley  Yancey