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  • Week of April 8th

    To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

    This week's article explains the extraordinary efforts of the mayor and the citizens in an Italian city as they organize a project to preserve the sounds of the world's finest instruments for future generations.

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  • Week of March 25th

    Rapidly Declining Insect Populations Could Spell Catastrophe for Mankind

    This week's article explains the causes and effects of the current decline in several species of insects. So, read to discover the details of the crisis and the details of solutions that must be enacted to prevent catastrophe.

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  • Week of March 18th

    This week's article summarizes the college cheating scandal and offers a new perspective on how we can find some meaning in the madness.

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  • Week of March 11th

    The Future of Cybersecurity

    How many times a week do you use a username and a password to access an important account? And, how many times a week do you forget those usernames and passwords? If you are like most of us, hitting the"forgot password" link is a regular occurrence.

    This week's article is a paired text that discusses the future of electronic identification and new advances in cybersecurity. Tech experts are always trying to make improvements to enhance convenience and to reduce the chances of hacking and identity theft.

    In the near future, could your brainprint eliminate the need for usernames and passwords?  How can you utilize Google's Vanishing Email today to protect the sensitive information that you share online?

    Read this week's article to learn about cutting edge advancements in cybersecurity.

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  • Week of March 4th

    Is boredom- something most of us consider a negative condition- good for us?

    This week's article is an opinion piece that will stir up our thinking as we either reluctantly agree with this week's writer, or we formulate our own opinion piece to argue the opposite position.

    Read the article and be prepared to discuss the merits and the flaws of this week's article- "Let Children Get Bored Again" with your language arts teacher later this week.

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  • Week of February 18th

    Every object in this great big world we live in is composed of atoms- the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the couch we sit on, the body we inhabit, and the phone we can't live without.

    This week's article contains two short sections- one is non-fiction and the other is narrative non-fiction. Both parts contain fascinating facts about atoms. So, read the article today, and be prepared to discuss what you read with your language arts teacher, and maybe even with your science teacher later this week!

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  • Week of February 11th

    "Higher, Further, Faster: Air Force Names First Female Fighter Pilot to Command F-16 Viper Team"

    Meet one of the real-life inspirations for the new Captain Marvel movie that premieres March 8- Zoe Kotnik- the first female fighter pilot commander.

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  • Week of February 4th

    February 1st marked the halfway point of the winter season. With winter's gloomy skies, short days, and cold temperatures, many people get a temporary case of the blues.

    This week's article provides some relief with a few scientifically proven happiness hacks. Follow the tips, and make yourself happier as you prepare to tackle the second half of winter.

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  • Week of January 28th

    The rallying cry of "Never Forget" from the Holocaust Remembrance Movement is more important now than ever before. A recent survey indicates that many Americans lack basic knowledge of what happened over 70 years ago during one of the world's most evil periods in history.

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  • Week of January 21st

    "Start Saving Now to Experience the Wonders of Compounding Interest"

    You don't have to be a genius or lucky to make a million dollars- you just need time and discipline to harness the power of compounding interest. This week's AOW will explain the 8th wonder of the world- compounding interest- and how to make it work for you.

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