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  • Week of November 18th

    "Dog Learning to Talk By Using a Custom Soundboard to Speak"

    Many dog parents already know their pets communicate with them, but what EXACTLY are they trying to say? This week, read about a speech-language pathologist who introduced her pup to an adaptive speech device similar to the devices she uses to help children communicate. The article closes with information on breed-specific intelligence and obedience traits and includes the ranking of several popular breeds.

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  • Week of November 11th

    “Veterans Day Celebrates Our Real-Life Superheroes”

    Always wanted to meet a real-life superhero? Then you are in luck for November 11 is Veterans Day, an opportunity to thank the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces, who often risk their lives to protect our freedom. This includes all those who have served in the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard, Air Force, and the Coast Guard. Read about the history of Veterans Day as we honor the veterans at NGMS.

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  • Week of November 4th

    “'Terrifying But Fantastic:' New Tesla Feature Sparks Awe and Mayhem”

    Tesla, Inc. unveiled a "Smart Summons" feature for its electric car users, and the initial reactions are rolling in from the public, transportation agencies, and insurance providers. The design allows car owners to use navigational technology on their cell phones to "summon" the car from its parking space to the user. In addition to a review of this feature, the article also analyzes Tesla's business model.

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  • Week of October 28th

    Forbes 400 Methodology: How We Crunch The Numbers (Plus a Look at Georgia's Billionaires)

    Earlier this month, Forbes released the names and net worth of the wealthiest individuals in the United States. This week's article highlights the aspects of each billionaire that are evaluated and examined prior to placement on the list. After reviewing the methodology of the ranking system, take a peek at the top 10 earners in Georgia.

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  • Week of October 21st

    “No Hyperbole Here: Simone Biles is the Greatest”

    There are clutch performances. And then there is Simone Biles when it counts. On October 14, 2019, Simone Biles becomes the most decorated gymnast in world championship history. Learn more about what makes this athlete a one-of-a-kind athlete and performer in this week's article.

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  • Week of October 14th

    The Quiet Disappearance of Birds in North America

    The North American bird population has decreased by almost 30 percent in the years since 1970. This loss of more than 3 billion individual birds has gone unnoticed by many but is concerning for ecologists who study avian species and their impact on our environment. This week's article reviews the ecological studies that have been completed in recent years and provides specific ways we can help preserve the bird population.

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  • Week of October 7th

    How Do Words Get Added to the Dictionary?
    The 187-year-old Merriam Webster recently added 850 new terms to its online dictionary. This week's article analyzes the new words and meanings and takes a look at what is necessary for words to become permanent additions to the English language.


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  • Week of September 30th

    How Disney Is Turning Your Nostalgia Into Billions One Live-Action Remake at a Time

    Adults and children alike have enjoyed classic Disney cartoons like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and more. Beginning in 2010 with a live-action remake of Alice in Wonderland, Disney embarked on a journey of remaking many beloved films. This week's article explores the profitability Disney has experienced by counting on our need to re-live our favorite movies with the live-action experience.

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  • Week of September 23rd

    See How Much of the Amazon Is Burning

    Thousands of fires are burning across a southern swath of the Amazon. They belch smoke and soot, blanketing those who live downwind with thick, dirty air, hurting wildlife in their path and destroying part of one the most important carbon storehouses left on the planet. What caused this much destruction, and what do the fires mean for the future of our planet?

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  • Week of September 16th

    America's Founding Documents: The Constitution

    This week is Constitution Week! The Constitution acted like a colossal merger, uniting a group of states with different interests, laws, and cultures. Without it, the American Experiment might have ended as quickly as it had begun. Learn more about the creation of this important document with our Article of the Week.

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