• Archery

  • Meeting Location:

    We have practices on Tuesday and Thursday in the field between Bus loop and 400 halls 

    Sponsor: Eunhee Choi


    Mission: To promote, develop, and grow archery as a sport for life while building positive self-esteem.

    We believe that:

    All forms of archery should be accepted and respected.
    Providing a proper and safe environment to practice and learn archery is the best approach to promote and introduce the sport of Archery.
    Competition is fundamental to the sport of Archery.
    Shooting for fun, to excel or for life, archery is a sport for all ages.
    Developing and maintaining an adequate coaching team is vital to support our mission.

    We provide archers with:

    A certified, licensed and equipped coach and facility to practice archery safely.
    A shooting facility in which all archers can perfect their skills three times a week.
    Training to develop skills to the desired individual goals.
    Workshops to enhance understanding and appreciation of archery disciplines and equipment.
    An opportunity to participate, prepare and compete at the club, city, provincial, national and international level.
    An opportunity to socialize and create long-lasting relationships within the archery community.

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