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  • Important Announcements


    Fall Junior Class Meeting
    August 30, 2023 during Bulldog Period/Advisement. 

    During this meeting we will discuss Letter Jackets and Class Rings.  Please find the important information below. 

    Herff Jones will be on campus during lunch on these dates: 9/11, 10/16, 11/13, 1/22, 2/12, and 5/13.  Don't miss out on placing your class ring orders!
    Just bring your deposit along with your catalog filled out with the ring you would like to order. If you do not have your catalog, that is ok, we can still help you pick out your ring. We will get your ring size and walk you through the rest!

    You can also order any time online at High School Class Rings and Graduation Products | Herff Jones

    Short Video On Class Rings

    Junior Dues Drive
    Be sure to pay your Junior Dues on MPP by September 5 if you want the official Junior Class T-Shirt!  
    This is the design for the official Junior Class shirt.  It's grey with the words WE ARE NORTH in bold text.

    The Quick Guide to Prom 2024

    Basic Information: 
    Prom will be held on Saturday, May 4 from 8-11pm  at the Infinite Energy Center.  Formal attire is requested.   Entertainment will be provided by DJ Gary Braner and Lighting Designer Mario Auda with House of Music.  The Event Designer is Your Event Solutions.  Catering by Proof of the Pudding. 

    Ticket Information: 
    Tickets will be available to all NGHS Juniors and Seniors and their guests.  Juniors and Seniors are allowed to bring the ONE guest of their choosing--regardless of the school that guest attends.  Please note that all tickets must be purchased in advance.  

    Ticket prices are as follows:

    Juniors and Seniors who paid JUNIOR DUES:  $20

    Juniors and Seniors who didn't pay JUNIOR Dues:  $95

    All Guests:  $50

    The Ticket Sale will happen the week of April 22, 2024.   The ticket sale will happen in the CLC before and after school and during all lunch periods.  Tickets for Juniors and Seniors will also be available on MyPayments Plus.  Look for an entry in the FEE section!  Students can collect their tickets in the CLC 1 day after the online purchase.  The last day to purchase your ticket on MPP will be Monday,  April 29.  The last day to purchase tickets in person will be THURSDAY,  MAY 2.

    For more information, please contact the Junior Class Sponsor, Jim Stewart (jim.stewart@gcpsk12.org).  




  • Everything You Need To Know About Your Junior Year

    Parking 2023-2024: Please contact Kathy Johnson at NGHS for more information regarding parking.

    Class Rings and Letter Jackets:
    Scholastic Images is North Gwinnett's Balfour Representative. Scholastic Images will be at NGHS on the following dates:
    August (Tuesday): Junior Class Meeting in the Theater during all lunch periods.
    September: Class Ring and Letter Jacket Order during all lunch periods and 4-7pm in the commons.
    September: Class Ring and Letter Jacket Order during all lunch periods.

    Important Junior Class Links
    The College Board--register for the SAT, log-in to the SAT Prep Course, take practice SATs, send test scores to colleges, etc.

    College Visitation Information--Juniors are encouraged to take advantage of ONE college visitation day. Seniors get TWO. Please see your guidance counselor for more information and for the College Visitation form.

    Community Service Information--Please check the landing page of eClass for community service information.

    Scholastic Images Inc.--Your source of information about class rings and letter jackets.
    College Planning Guide for Juniors--Sponsored by the College Board, this site will walk you through your final two years of high school as you get ready for college.

    Please see the Counseling page of this website for more information on college and career planning.

  • Junior Dues

    As the traditional host of the Prom, members of the Junior Class are responsible for the majority of the cost of the Prom. As a result, Juniors are asked to pay dues ($85).

    What does Junior Dues Pay for?  Most of the cost of Prom your Junior  and Senior Year (ticket sales make up the rest).  Paying Junior Dues will get you a free ticket for Junior Prom and a discounted ticket Senior Year ($20 as opposed to $100).  Discounted admission to the Homecoming Dance ($10 instead of $20 for those who don't pay Junior Dues).  

    Payment will be made using the MyPayments Plus System. (www.mypaymentsplus.com).

  • NGHS Prom 2024

    Here's everything you need to know for Prom 2024.  
    Where:  The Gas South District (formerly the Infinite Energy Center). 
    When:  Saturday, May 4, 2023 from 8pm-11pm
    Tickets: Tickets will be sold on MPP beginning April 15 continuing through May 1.  
    • Junior who paid class dues (free).  Your student ID will be your ticket.  
    • Seniors who paid Junior Dues in 2023: $20
    • Junior and Seniors who didn't pay JUNIOR DUES:  $100.   
    • All guests:  $50.  
    Please note that tickets are assigned to individual students...tickets are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.  Do not show up at Prom with a ticket purchased for someone else. 
    On Prom Night:  Bring your ticket and your student ID (the StudentVue app on your phone will work).  Enter the Gas South District using either entrance on Sugarloaf Parkway.  The entrance closest to Satellite is the most direct route  to PARKING STRUCTURE #1--parking will be complimentary (details to follow).  Students using limos, buses, or students being dropped off/picked up will be able to use the drive between DECK #1 and the Convention Center.  Please use the attached map as a guide.  Follow the signs to the main entrance of the Gas South District Convention Center and then make your way downstairs to the Prom. Proof of the Pudding will serve heavy hors d'oeuvres and dessert throughout the evening. House of Music will provide an amazing light show for the music from DJ GB.  Remember, all school rules apply to this off-campus event.  Finally, as it is for all school events, once you check-in, you can't leave and return.  

    Parking:  Complimentary Parking is in DECK #1 only.  Please use the attached map for directions.
    Prom Parking is free in Deck #1 only.  Please use the attached map for directions.

  • NGHS Prom FAQ

    When is Prom 2024?  Prom 2024 will be Saturday, May 4 at the Gas South District in Duluth.  

    Why do I have to pay Junior Dues?  Junior Dues pay for some of the cost of producing the Prom.  We use Junior Dues as the primary fundraising tool for Prom--which keeps the ticket price low for everyone who pays their class dues ($20 as opposed to $105 for those who don't pay dues).  

    I transferred to NGHS during my Senior Year. Do I have to pay Junior Dues? Since Junior Dues pays for part of the prom Junior and Senior Year, Senior Transfer students are asked to pay 1/2 of the original fee--before all the late fees were added in.

    I really want to come to the Prom but I can't afford it. What should I do? At NGHS, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the Prom. Contact your guidance counselor ASAP to discuss some options.

    I am technically classified as a Sophomore but I earned enough credit for Junior status after Fall Semester and I will graduate at the end of next year. Can I come to the Prom? Yes. Just have your guidance counselor e-mail Mr. Stewart to let him know of your change in status. 

    Do I have to pay more if my date doesn't go to NGHS? Date tickets are $50.  

    Do I have to pay more if my date is a freshman or sophomore at NGHS? Date tickets are $50

    Is it OK to come to the Prom solo? In 2023, 75% of the people who purchased tickets did so with groups of friends instead of a specific date!

    Is there a dress code for the Prom? Yes. This is a formal event and the attire should reflect that formality.

    Will there be chaperones at the Prom? Absolutely. There is a very visible adult presence at the Prom. In 2023, this included the following: 3 uniformed Gwinnett Police Officers, 12 School Resource Officers, 30 adult chaperones, 9 NGHS administrators, and over 120 NGHS teachers/staff.

    Will food be available at the Prom? YES! 

    I'm picking my child up after the Prom, what time should I be there? The prom is over at 11:00pm. Please arrive no later than 11:00pm.

    Does North Gwinnett sponsor any sort of after prom function? No. Many families host after-parties for their student but NGHS does not sponsor an after party.

    When is next year's Prom?  PROM 2025 (May 3), Prom 2026 (May 2), Prom 2027 (May1)

    Other Questions: Please feel free to e-mail Mr. Stewart, the Junior Class Sponsor, with any questions you may have. (jim.stewart@gcpsk12.org)


  • Meet the Junior Class Sponsor


    Mr. Jim Stewart is in his 29th year as a teacher at North Gwinnett High School and his 27th as the Junior Class Sponsor.  You'll find his office in the CLC but feel free to e-mail with any questions or concerns.