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    Hello Seniors and Senior Parents,   

    We are getting closer to our May 30th Graduation date and I know you may still have questions... Hopefully today's update will help!  There are NEW additional details and attachments today.  I am leaving ALL the announcements from the previous email, but NEW UPDATES are again in RED today.
    Each graduating senior will receive FIVE TICKETS!!
    There will be no additional tickets available.  Tickets will be distributed at graduation practice along with the one student parking pass and details/reminders about the ceremony.​
    UPDATE ON SEATING FROM THE INFINITE ENERGY CENTER: The Infinite Energy Center Staff will seat full parties together.  They are not pre-marking sections of 5 as previously described, they will accommodate any size party that ARRIVES TOGETHER then leave 3 seats empty for social distancing.  You will NOT be able to save seats, so make sure you enter the Arena with your full party.  Masks and social distancing by family are required for all attendees.  All attendees will pass through a metal detector as they enter the Arena.
    **The doors for parents and guests will open at 1:00pm, Graduates need to arrive by 12:00pm.
    Attached below is the information from the Infinite Energy Center on what cannot be brought into the Arena.  Please remember they have a CLEAR BAG POLICY now for all Graduations. 

    Practice is AT NORTH GWINNETT HIGH SCHOOL  (sorry that was left out previously) 
    1:00 - 3:00pm  last names   A - Khan
    3:00 - 5:00pm  last names   Kim - Z
    Graduation practice is MANDATORY for all graduates.  Students who do not attend will not be allowed to walk at graduation on Sunday, May 30th.  This is an important 2-hour commitment, so please have your student plan for that time now, ask off from work, find a ride, etc.  Dress code for graduation practice is normal school attire.
    Graduation practice will allow us to complete several tasks that will make Graduation run smoothly.  
    We will use the time to do all of the following:
    • Explain the processes and expectations for parking, arrival & dismissal, ceremony, dress code, etc.
    • Hand out FIVE tickets and Infinite Energy Center parking pass to each graduate
    • Hand out any remaining t-shirts, caps & gowns, Honors Night regalia
    • Pronounce each graduate's name so they can help us correct any mispronunciations 
    • Collect any technology, textbooks, library books, materials, or fees that may block your student from receiving their diploma


    Senior Textbook and Other Obligations

    In the portal, look under the tab “Other Information” and you will see a list of current textbook checkouts and any overdue books or fines.  These textbooks should be returned and any fines paid prior to graduation practice.  Please contact Mr. Strickland in the Community School Office with any questions. 


    Books may be returned to the front entry of NGHS during school hours for digital students, or to teachers/media center directly for in-person students.  Technology should be returned to the CLC during school hours on May 20th and 21st.  We will also have staff available to collect books, technology, calculators, or fees starting 1 HOUR before each graduation practice session

    Graduation Parking at the Infinite Energy Center:
    Students will receive one parking pass for the graduate parking deck at graduation practice.
    All additional cars will need to purchase a $5 parking pass
    Attached are the Infinite Energy Center parking maps for (1) Parents and Guests and (2) Students
    Livestream Links
    The Livestream links for BOTH Graduation and Honors Night are on the main NGHS website www.northgwinnett.com .  This is the information I would include on Graduation invitations to extended family or where you will go to watch Honors Night.
    Other Recent Graduation FAQ's
    Will I be able to purchase official pictures of my student and a DVD of the Graduation Ceremony?
    YES!  Cady Studios will be capturing images and Memory Maker will be creating a video.  Information will come directly from Cady to you.  You can order from Memory Maker at the following link http://memorymakervideo.com/Memory_Maker_Video_and_Photography/North_Gwinnett_2021.html
    Is there special seating available for handicapped guests?
    Yes, please see an Infinite Energy Center Staff member when you arrive at the Arena for assistance.  There is nothing to do in advance and it is first come, first served.
    What time will everything happen for Graduation?
    Graduates will be required to arrive at 12pm.
    The doors for guests will open at 1pm.
    The ceremony will begin at 2pm and last no more than 2 hours.
    What is the dress code for Graduation?
    I would describe it as business professional/nice party with your Grandparents...
    Remember the bottom of your clothes/shoes will show beyond the gown, so keep that in mind
    NO Jeans, sneakers, or flip flops
    Male Graduates:  dress slacks and dress shoes, a collared shirt (tie if you want) - the collar shows at the top of the gown
    Female Graduates:  nice slacks, dress, skirt and blouse, dress shoes - Make a wise choice about shoes - the floor of the Arena can be slippery, so I would NOT suggest stilettos or your first time in a new pair of big heals!
    Attendees:  business professional/nice party with your Grandparents...
    ** Remember the Infinite Energy Center has a clear bag policy for guests.  
    Graduates will not be allowed to bring in anything except their car keys - NO CELL PHONES.
    Can we decorate the top of the cap?
    NO - save that for your college graduation
    If my graduate chooses not to walk at graduation, will his/her name still be called in the ceremony?
    YES - we will call the names of all students who qualify for graduation
    Will there be an area where we can meet up with our graduate and take pictures at the Arena?
    NO - you should make plans to meet your graduate at the car or an off-site location.  Please remember they cannot bring their cell phone in with them, so make plans in advance.
    Can I get a refund of my student's remaining cafeteria funds?
    Yes. Please go to this county link to request a refund

    Cap & Gown
    If you have not yet picked up your cap & gown, please come to the front desk during school hours (7:30-2:30)
    If you have not yet paid your Senior Dues, please go to MyPaymentsPlus in the Events section to pay that fee.
    **Please remember to hang up your gown when you receive it - DO NOT IRON IT!  Do not lose the tassel or graduate mask - those are part of graduation regalia for this year.
    Honors Night - May 24th, 6:30 at Gwinnett Church
    Students should have received an invitation in the mail last week if they are receiving an accolade at Honors Night.  
    This event is for Students only - it will be Livestreamed from the NGHS website for parents and friends to watch from home.  Students will receive all of their honor cords and regalia at this event.
    Students will have assigned seats for social distancing and must wear a mask.  
    Dress code is business professional - do not wear your cap & gown.
    As always, if you have additional questions, feel free to email me.
    Kirsten Baker
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Senior Grad YARD SIGNS


  • Balfour Products & Services for the Class of 2021

    Seniors, you can go directly to www.scholasticimages.com for your graduation packages and order right now!

    If you have questions about whether or not you ordered Balfour products, please contact them directly rather than calling NGHS. We do not keep Balfour records on campus.

    Balfour is the company that provides NGHS with all of its graduation product needs:  diplomas, diploma covers, caps, gowns, tassels, and graduation announcements.
    A student's cap, gown, tassel, diploma, and diploma cover are all paid for with money from his/her Senior Dues.  Graduation Announcements and associated products (name cards, thank you cards, address labels, etc...) are a separate fee. 

    Caps and Gowns:  You order caps and gowns when you pay for your senior dues.  As you are paying and filling out information, you are asked for a student's height and weight; that is all we need to know to order caps and gowns.  Senior dues are $150. Caps and gowns will be delivered to students during their lunches on April 8th . 

    Graduation Announcements are beautiful cards that resemble wedding invitations in their look and quality.  Our announcements this year will be printed and embossed in foil on high quality, textured white paper. (See the picture above.)  The announcements come with an inner envelope, an outer envelope, tissue paper, and name cards.  Graduates send these cards to their friends and families to announce that they are graduating from high school.  An announcement is NOT the same as a ticket to graduation.  You may order as many announcements as you would like. You may pay in full when you order or put down a deposit and create a payment plan; however, you will not receive the announcements in the spring until you have paid for them in full.  Pay attention to cut off dates.  Our announcements are gorgeous, and some parents make the mistake of deciding they want them after it is already too late!! 

  • Additional Purchases

    Class Ring:  If you did not order a class ring when you were a junior but decide that you want one, you can still purchase one from Balfour.

    Graduation Announcements:  Graduation Announcements are cards to send to friends and family ANNOUNCING that you are graduating from high school.  (This is NOT the same as an INVITATION to graduation.  Guests enter the graduation arena with TICKETS that are given to the students at graduation practice at the end of the year.)  Announcements can be ordered anytime from October to February and are delivered to the school in April just in time to send out for graduation.

    Graduation Yard Sign:  If you would like to order a yard sign for graduation, please click on the following link to access the order form. 

  • Class Dues

    Junior Dues:  Junior dues pay for prom, so if you did not pay these dues during your junior year, and you wish to attend your senior prom, you must see Mr. Stewart in the Media Center to pay for this.

    Senior Dues:  Senior dues are $150.  When you pay your senior dues in the fall, you will be asked your height, weight, and T-shirt size; Balfour uses these measurements to determine the size of your cap and gown (height should be your height in BARE feet, not your height in high heels).  Senior dues pay for your cap, gown, diploma cover, senior t-shirt, and fees associated with Graduation. Depending upon the COVID-19 situation in the spring, we plan to host a senior breakfast, senior luncheon, and various activites in Senior Week.  Senior dues are required.  Please note that senior dues are NON-refundable since items listed above are ordered for every senior regardless of whether he/she participates in every event.  Students who do not graduate on time still need their caps and gowns to graduate at the end of summer school.  The deadline to pay Senior Dues is February 5th. PAYMENT CAN BE MADE ON MY PAYMENTS PLUS. This provides us adequate time to order and receive each student's cap and gown in preparation for graduation.

  • College Tests and Entrance Fees

    SAT/ACT:  Both of these college entrance tests have fees attached to them. See their respective websites for details.  Fees are less expensive if paid by the earliest deadlines, so plan ahead to save money.  See http://www.collegeboard.com for information about the SAT and http://www.actstudent.org  for information about the ACT.

    Transcripts:  Transcripts for colleges should be ordered through your MyPaymentsPlus account.  You should also add the college to "Colleges I'm Applying to" list in Naviance. Some scholarship applications also require a copy of your transcript. The fee for each transcript is $5.00, and they must be ordered 48 hours in advance. The final transcript to send to your college in June is free.

    Application Fees:  Colleges charge a fee to process your application and decide whether to accept you or not.  This means you want to limit the number of colleges to which you apply, so do some careful research while you have time over the summer. The fee for each college varies, so see their individual websites for specific information.

    College Deposits/Down payments:  In the spring, colleges will ask you for some kind of deposit or down payment to secure your spot at that school. You only pay this to the college you are actually going to attend.  Failure to pay your deposit means that your spot will be given to somebody on that college’s waitlist.

  • Cafeteria Refund Form

    Form Link

  • Graduation Pictures and DVD

    Graduation Pictures:  Cady Studios attends graduation and snaps a picture of you right after you receive your diploma.  Information will be sent to families in the spring about how to order these pictures.  We hire the company to take these pictures because friends and family are NOT permitted on the floor of the arena to get these close-ups.

    Graduation DVD:  We hire a company, Memory Maker, to create a DVD of graduation.  It is available through pre-sales and will be sent to you several weeks after the ceremony. Approx. $25.

    Memory Maker Order Form- Click Below!

    DVD Printable Order Form

    Web Link

    If you have any questions, please call MemoryMaker directly at 770-654-2219

  • List of Senior Expenses Explanation

    In the next sections, you will find a list of some expenses that you will have as a senior next year and a list of things that you will need to accomplish before graduation. Some of these are mandatory and some are optional. It’s a good idea to keep these expenses in mind when you are deciding how best to spend or save your summer paychecks. Please note that prices are approximate and that they change from year to year; the vendors who change the prices do not always inform me, so these numbers (when listed at all) may not be 100% accurate.

  • Perfect Attendance / Scholarship Recognition

    SENIORS - If you believe that you have PERFECT ATTENDANCE for the past 4 years and wish to be recognized at Senior Honors Night, you must stop by to see Ms. Gresham in the Counseling Office or Ms. Baraban at the Attendance Desk no later than Friday, April 26th. We will take your name and verify your attendance history to see if you qualify for this award.

    SENIORS - If you have been awarded an outside scholarship from a college or other organization or have earned any special awards (such as Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold Award), we would like to recognize your accomplishment in a special way. Please bring a copy of your award letter to Ms. Cornettl in the Counseling Office by no later than Friday, April 26th so that we can include your information!

  • Things to do for college preparedness

    • Fill out a Senior Profile form in Naviance. Teachers and coaches have access to this form after you submit it.  It is a GREAT help when we are trying to write college and scholarship recommendations for students. 
    • Fill out college applications and write any required essays.
    • Fill out scholarship applications and write any required essays.
    • Keep your GaFutures account updated.
    • Fill out the FAFSA financial aid form and all forms related to the HOPE scholarship.

  • Yearbook and Senior Portraits Information

    Ordering Yearbooks:

    This historic school year definitely WILL be documented in the 2020-2021 Yearbook for you.
    Yearbooks are now available for purchase through Herff Jones at www.yearbookordercenter.com. Enter school code 1684 to complete purchase.

    • The best time to order yearbooks is at the beginning of the school year since prices go up a little at a time throughout the year.
    • The deadline for ordering a yearbook is March 1st.
    • There is a date early second semester when the yearbook sponsors must tell the publishing company how many yearbooks to print. You CANNOT order yearbooks after this time, so do pay attention to this deadline.

    *Over the years, we have had many parents forget to order yearbooks. Since we don't order many extras, there is sometimes a shortage at the end of the year. Parents have even tried to call the publishing company and have them print a book for their student. We have worked with several publishing companies over the years and have NEVER found one that will actually print that extra yearbook. Don't miss the deadline!

    Senior Pictures:
    All seniors must take senior pictures with Cady Studios to be included in the yearbook.
    Please book your appointment today at  www.https://home.cady.com/seniors/
    . The deadline to be included in the yearbook is DECEMBER 1. That means you must take your picture on or BEFORE 12/1 to be included in the NGHS yearbook. 

    Senior Yearbook Ads:
    Senior yearbook ads are currently available at www.yearbookordercenter.com. 
    Choose a quarter, half or full-page ad to commemorate your senior's graduation. You can create and purchase the ad on the website. 
    The deadline to complete and purchase yearbook ads is November 1. 

    Additional Yearbook Information:
    Did you know? The yearbook is printed 16-32 pages at a time throughout the course of the school year. The pages are stored in a warehouse until the entire book is complete, and then they are sewn into the cover and shipped to NGHS.

    Pages with senior portraits, grades 9-11 portraits, and senior ads are printed in the fall. This is because activities that appear on the other pages (sports, clubs, visual and performing arts, etc.) This is why you MUST meet the senior photo session and senior ad deadlines listed below. Why can't you order a senior ad in December or during the second semester? It's because that section has already been printed!

    *Email Colleen Longe about yearbooks, senior portraits, or senior ads. Mrs. Prewitt DOES NOT have additional yearbook information.

  • Awards Programs

    These events are by invitation only. Invitations come from the Counseling Office in May. Contact Counseling Office if you have questions.

    • Academic Honors Program Awards
    • Servant Leadership Breakfast 
    • Senior Honors Night 

    For additional information about community service and how many hours are needed to receive invitations to events, see the 'Community Service' section on the Counseling Office Website.Email Kristin Gresham if you have further questions. 

  • Community Service Logs

    Community Service Logs are due to the Counseling Office by Friday, April 16th, 2021Please turn in to the counseling office or email a clear copy to amy.cornett@gcpsk12.org, no exceptions. Please make sure your name, student number and total hours are clearly written on the log.  

    Due to Covid19, and the limitations the virus created for volunteer hours, you may earn a Community Service Seal on your diploma this year with 80 service hours. When completing the log, please list total hours for each page, as well as a grand total if you have multiple pages.  In-person students should drop off the logs in the counseling office, room 411.  Digital learners may bring in the logs or send them electronically to amy.cornett@gcpsk12.org. Logs will not be accepted after the 16th - NO EXCEPTIONS!


    The service log is available to download here

    For additional information about the community service award, please review the following document,  Community Service Information, or email Ms. Cornett at amy.cornett@gcpsk12.org.

  • Final Transcripts

    All students will receive one free final high school transcript, which will be available for pick up at the front desk beginning mid-June. (An exact date will be announced later this spring.) Students are responsible to take their final transcript to their college or university. NGHS does not send final transcripts, either by mail or through Naviance. If you wish to order more than one final transcript, you can order it through MyPaymentsPlus before May 26th and pick up the additional copies at the same time. See Ms. Cornett in the counseling office for more details.

  • Graduation Ceremony

    2021 graduation date: Sunday, May 30th @2 pm

    Will be held at the Infinite Energy Center