• My eClass and Student Portal

  • What is MY eCLASS and what can I see on it?

    Our Student Portal is called MYeCLASS. (These two terms are used interchangeably by teachers and students). It is an online environment that supports the teaching and learning in classrooms throughout Gwinnett County. Student logins are required since the portal content is specific to the student. If parents wish to see their students’ eClass course pages, they will need to obtain the username and password from their student. The username is always the student’s student number. The password is something that the student must provide to the parent.

    There are several important items located in the Student Portal:

    • The eTextbooks (online textbooks) that correspond to the individual student’s class schedule. (Not all textbooks are available on the portal at this time.)
    • Additional digital resources such as links to websites that support what students are learning
    • An online research library that includes general reference materials, eBooks, and databases full of learning resources for students.
    • Access to the student’s grades in each of their classes, updated nightly.
    • Access to the eClass (Curriculum and Instruction) course pages

    My eClass