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    Rising 9th grade night

    Transitioning from middle school to high school can be challenging for students. Larger class sizes, a more rigorous workload and an increase in personal responsibility are just some of the challenges students face upon entering high school. To better prepare students and provide them with the skills and tools needed to be successful, ninth grade students begin their high school career in the Ninth Grade Academy at Discovery High School. Our goal is to provide each ninth grade student with a rigorous and nurturing environment for a successful transition from middle school to high school. 

    During their ninth grade year, students will gain exposure to the other College and Career Academies at Discovery High School. Choosing the right career pathway in one of the College and Career Academies is an important decision that students will make during their ninth grade year. Providing students with this exposure allows them a chance to evaluate each of the Academies and make a clear and educated choice of the pathway they will follow during their years at Discovery High School.

    The 9th Grade Academy houses all four of the core content areas for freshmen (Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies) on the 300 hallways.


  • Academy Team Members

    Meet your Academy Faculty Team Members.  You can click on the names to view a welcome video from each team member.

    Dr. Jackson

    Dr. Kenyada Jackson   9th Grade Academy AP



     Angie Holt, 9th Grade Math Teacher

    Academy Lead     Email


     Ms. Flemister

    Lacole Flemister, 9th Grade ELA Teacher

    Academy Lead    Email



    Del Green, Counselor

    Serve students with Last Name M-Z



    Tyese Miller, Counselor

    Serve students with Last Name A-L



  • Mission of 9th Grade Academy

    The mission of Discovery High School 9th Grade Academy is to create relevant and rigorous educational and career experiences to increase student achievement, facilitate character development, and prepare students for graduation and productive membership in our community.

  • How to be Successful?

    Helpful Tips for Class of 2024

    • Come to school every day and be on time. 
    • Be Present and actively engaged in learning.
    • Be organized.
    • Study and Complete homework on time and turn it in.
    • Make up all assignments, quizzes, and tests when
      absent from class.
    • Take advantage of help provided (tutoring, Period 8, etc.)
    • Get involved- Students who have a reason to come to school, stay in school.
    • Advocate for yourself- Ask for help if you need it!

  • Get Involved!

    Class of 2024, it is so important for you to get involved this year.  Below are just some of the ways you can get involved at Discovery High School.

    Click on the links for additional information.

    Discovery High School Athletics

    Discovery High School Fine Arts Program and Activities

    Discovery High School Clubs

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