• Business and Entrepreneurship Academy

  • The Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship introduces students to the broad career opportunities in entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing. Students will learn the relevant knowledge and skills to become innovative, self-reliant, forward-thinking, problem solvers. In addition to the core areas of study, the pathways the academy offers will equip students with the business, leadership, and networking skills they need to be successful in 21st century business world. Students will gain a competitive edge by working closely with community mentors as well as participating in internships that support their college and/or career aspirations.

    The Business and Entrepreneurship Academy offers 6 pathways:

    Business and Entrepreneurship in the Clyde Strickland Entrepreneurship Center

    Designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career as an Entrepreneur in business. This pathway interweaves college prep language arts with business, marketing, entrepreneurship and business technology.  Preparing our students for a career in business, the Clyde Strickland Entrepreneurship center builds knowledge and skills gained in both the classroom and in the workplace that employers are seeking and expecting in the workforce.

    The academy/program as a whole will be responsible for two school based enterprises (SBEs) (Businesses that run as part of the school course in which all funds go directly back into the program). This is where the students get trained and learn how to use the equipment in the makerspaces in our area. 

    Stay tuned for more as these TITANS discover what high school can really be!



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  • Our Mission:

    To prepare students for college, career, and entrepreneurial success by offering a relevant, rigorous pathway experience. We focus on helping students become creative problem solvers and critical thinkers by teaching courses that include industry-focused curricula, work-based learning experiences, and business partner expertise.

Business Partners

The Business and Entrepreneurship Academy sponsors are: Valerie Kinney, Austin Thompson, Wesley Williams, Elissa Checov,
  • Business Partners

    • Valerie Kinney from Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • Austin Thompson from Thompson Management Consulting Group
    • Wesley Williams from Google
    • Elissa Checov from the Gwinnett Public Library
    • Hudson On Bass from Chess Adventures
    • Karen Howell from Gwinnett Technical College
    • Andy Morgan from Morgan Law Group
    • Bernadette Harris from By The Book Accounting
    • Tim Mansour, Mansour International 
    • Simone Brown, Gwinnett Technical College Recruiter