• Environmental Club

  • Club Sponsors: Tabitha Potter and Danielle Malcom

    Club Sponsor Emails: tabitha.potter@gcpsk12.org & danielle.malcom@gcpsk12.org

    Meeting Times:

    We will have to participate in Virtual events this semester or until the social distancing guidelines ease up. 


    Zoom Meetings will be on Wednesdays at 2:15pm

    Meeting ID: 921 6122 9458

    Meeting Password: gogreen


    Our Mission

    We are a group of people looking to raise awareness of environmental issues and to incite motivation in the general public to follow our example. We hope to teach students and faculty the importance of reducing our environmental impact as individuals and as a community.

    For current updates or to ask questions, join our Remind: @DHSEco1

     Go GREEN Titans!!

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    Need Service Hours??

    Service hours are hard to get this year. Here's an easy opportunity to earn some hours!!

    As discussed in the StuCo General Meeting, you can only earn up to 4 hours from this event. Thank you for helping our community!!!




    to receive an hour of community service: 

    Take a selfie with your donations next to the donation boxes, tag Discovery Stuco on Instagram or submit it through the STUCO remind.


    Instagram: @discoverystuco



    Freshmen- @disco2024

    Sophomores - @disco2023

    Juniors- @disco2022

    Seniors- @disco2021

     Environmental Club- @ DHSeco1


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