Digital Media Club


  • The GSMST Digital Media Club is the student body that runs morning announcements and produces videos for school and community purposes. Digital Media Club broadcasts the school's news live every morning so students are up to date on upcoming events and deadlines. Morning announcements also allow students in the 3D-modeling classes to show off their work with animated shorts, and it also allows the Digital Media Club to show off the projects they have been working on for the school. Digital Media Club though, is focused around creating videos for school-intended use and community use. Past projects have included the Guided Study Character videos which helped students learn the best traits to portray to enrich the culture at GSMST, and the Duluth Alcohol Training Video which GSMST seniors, now alumni, created as a project for the community. Digital Media also films and takes photos of events such as concerts and internship presentations.

    The goal of the Digital Media Club is to provide videos and services for the school. Members will be trained on Sony and Cannon DSLR cameras, editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, broadcast operating systems, and organizing and planning video shoots. The Digital Media Club provides technical education that will help students prepare for careers in the film and broadcast industry.


Planned Activities

  • The Digital Media Club plans to complete guided study videos early in the year and start training members early on. In addition, we plan to train freshmen and sophomores on the broadcast equipment and its operating system. We hope to fulfill the requests from the companies that have contacted us in hopes of us producing a video for them. Video shoots for these companies will allow members to get real hands-on experience working in the field with deadlines. Video production internships are available to our trained members through some of our community partners.


  • The Digital Media Club meets on Wednesdays from 3-4:00 PM in Room 5.146.

Faculty Advisor(s)