Mock Trial


  • Since 1988, teams from many of Georgia's public and private high schools, as well as several home school associations, have participated in the Georgia High School Mock Trial Competition. Coached by volunteer attorneys and teachers, teams of 14 students play the roles of attorneys and witnesses based on the witness statements and evidence provided in the case materials. teams are evaluated on their ability to make logical, cohesive and persuasive presentation, rather than on the legal merits of the case.

    Mock Trial incorporates not only the fundamentals of good debate, but also incorporates a real-life application, and teaches members how essential skills are utilized in the professional field. Members will be required to use tact evidence to support their claims in a makeshift court of law, and through doing this will deepen their critical thinking, which is vital to many of the courses taught within GSMST.

Planned Activities

  • Mock Trial hosts one competition a year, meaning that there is more time to prepare and ensure a greater chance of success.


  • Mock Trial will meet every Wednesday from 3:00 PM-5:00 PM in room 2.162. As the annual competition approaches, meetings will be more frequent during the week for preparation.

Faculty Advisor(s)