Readers Rally


  • Reader's Rally provides a list of books for the students to read and assigns designated books to each in order for them to compete in the February/March competition. Students are welcome to read more than the assigned books of course. 

    Since everyone in the club wants the club to succeed, participation in Reader's Rally builds time management skills and encourages teamwork. Team building is necessary to designate books, hold meetings regarding progress, and the bonding over these books. The organization of how to best represent GSMST at competition increases interaction and leadership skills by providing a free environment for anyone to ask questions or to make suggestions. In addition to this, the club is a great stress relief and a healthy outlet for students during exams, projects, tests, etc..

    Organizational Goals

    Reader's Rally exemplifies GSMST culture as the STEM aspect represents the roots of the school, but the ultimate goal is to provide a well-rounded education and Reader's Rally, with literary interpretation from a set of predetermined books released recently that deal with the difficult topics affecting young adults currently such as bullying, identity crisis, and the struggle of growing up before expected, accomplishes that. Students receive a holistic view of the world from both analytical and social viewpoints.

Planned Activities

  • The tournament is on Saturday, February 22, 2020 at Peachtree Ridge High School. High school competiton begins at 8:30 AM.

Faculty Advisor(s)