• Homecoming Dance

  • Club Sponsor: Maria Thurmond

    Club Sponsor Email:maria_thurmond@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

    Meeting Times: 10/19

    General Information about the club:  Homecoming Dance in the Discovery High School Commons from 8pm-11pm




    On sale through mypaymentsplus.com for $25 now until 10/11.  If you want to bring a NON-Discovery High School Students you must do so on mypaymentsplus.com and provide the form to Dr. Thurmond in 405 before 10/9


     AFTER 10/11, tickets will be on sale via GoFAN for $35.  You will need to use your students ID as the promo code to purchase ticket .  Be sure to bring your receipt with you to the dance to get in.  No Guest tickets can be purchased on GoFan.

     Common Questions:

    1. Can we bring a non-Discovery student?  Yes, but they must be enrolled in High School.  Once you pay for the guest ticket on MPP, there will be a link to the form.  That form must be turned in in person to Dr. Thurmond in 405 by 10/9 or via email to maria_thurmond@gwinnett.k12.ga.us by 10/11.  NO LATE FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED!


    2. What is the dress code?  Discovery Administration has set the dress code for this event.  You can locate that dress code in the students handbook on the Discovery High School webpage.  Please be sure that you look at that dress code prior to buying your formal wear for the evening.


    3. Will there be dinner at the dance?  No.  Light snacks and drinks are served.