• Band

  • Meeting Location: Daily

    Sponsors: Brandon Soloff/Greg Gibson

    Overview:  Welcome to the
    North Gwinnett High School
    Band Program!

    What is a band? What makes band different from other courses in the school curriculum? What are the benefits of the band to the student and the student body? Why music? 

    First, a band is a group of individual instrumentalists working together toward a common goal. That goal is to perform music in such a way that is aesthetically pleasing to both performer and listener, is true to the intentions and inspirations of the composer and at the same time advances the skill of the individual player. Band differs from other courses in the curriculum in that it requires more time, energy and commitment than almost any other subject or activity. A student who joins the band must be prepared not only to attend regularly scheduled rehearsals, but also extra rehearsals, sectionals, and put in a large amount of individual practice away from school. For a band to reach its potential, each player must be completely dedicated to the organization, to its ideals and standards, and to its members.

    In spite of the great demands placed on the student, the benefits he gains from band justify the cost. Band is the only course that reaches all aspects of the student’s mind including the intellectual, the physical, the psychological, the spiritual, the emotional, and the social. Band has the potential to expose the student to the arts, which are the only lasting aspects of our culture. In band the student learns an appreciation of music through performance, repertoire, interpretation, and trained listening. Band teaches discipline of mind and behavior. Playing an instrument combines coordination of mind and body to a greater degree than any other single activity. Through the band experience, the student learns techniques of artistic discrimination, judgment, insight, and problem solving. As well as teaching the benefits of hard work, band can also be a form of recreation and a much needed creative outlet.
    Participating in band gives a student a sense of belonging and an opportunity to be a part of something that is bigger than him and better than any of the individual parts. It puts him in a position of responsibility and gives him an opportunity to achieve. Through band a student can raise his self-concept and develop confidence by knowing that he is an important part of the sum total.
    Because of the variety of people who join the band, it becomes the embodiment of all society. All variations of human nature and behavior can be found in the members of a band program. Through contact with these different individuals, a student enriches his own personality and learns to work and live successfully in cooperation with others. The band offers opportunities to develop leadership skills and is a means to help students become responsible adults. It offers students a sense of purpose, values, and discipline.

    The band serves to represent the school and community. More people see the band than any other program or school organization. Because of football games, parades, and concerts it is continually before the public and acts as the chief booster of school spirit. In many ways, the band acts as a showcase for the school’s achievements and successes.

    The teachers of the NGHS Band Program are committed to providing you with as many musical opportunities as possible. We feel that this is your band and these experiences are at your disposal, but you must make the decision to claim them. You must follow up that decision to be a band member with dedication, practice, and hard work. Your involvement in the band program provides you with an opportunity to instill in all people an awareness of music’s important role in the enrichment of the human spirit. Being involved in a band program is an activity in which you can participate for your entire life. The benefits available to you through music and its countless variations are limitless. It offers opportunities and rewards that no other disciplines can provide.