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  • CHARGEnorth Information Flyer

    CHARGEnorth Information

  • Course Sequence

    9th Grade: AP Human Geography, 9th LA, Chemistry, Foundations of Engineering, Scientific Research I

    10th Grade: AP World History, 10th LA, AP Environmental Science, Engineering Concepts, AP Seminar

    11th Grade: AP US History, AP Language Arts, AP Physics I, Engineering Applications, Scientific Research IV (Science Fair)

    12th Grade: CHARGExperience Pathway (Apprenticeship, Entrepreneurship, Scholarship)


    *Students complete the listed CHARGEnorth classes in two blocks (Humanities & STEM) over the course of three periods in 9th - 11th grades.  Students have lunch, Math, and two elective periods outside of the program.  In 12th grade, students do not have academic blocks but will choose a pathway as one of their electives. 


    **Students who have not taken Biology before 12th grade will be required to take it as their 4th Science.  


    ***Students who complete both AP Seminar (10th grade) and AP Research (12th grade Scholarship pathway) will be eligible for the AP Capstone seal.  


  • How can I join CHARGEnorth?

    Current 8th-grade students taking Algebra I or higher can complete the online Interest Form to enter the program for 9th grade. 

    Current 9th-grade students can meet individually with Kristin Gresham (counselor) to discuss coming on board for 10th grade if slots become available.

    Current 10th and 11th graders are not eligible to join the program.

  • What are some of the benefits of the program?

    Students earn 8 credits per year instead of the standard 6 credits.

    Students are part of a smaller community for part of the day where they are able to form strong relationships with their peers and their teachers.

    Students are able to pursue independent research tied to their specific areas of interest in a format that is unique to CHARGEnorth.

    Students work collaboratively on a variety of projects that integrate content from the various program courses; in the process, they are able to develop their communication, teamwork, time management, problem-solving, and presentation skills.

    Students have access to a makerspace equipped with state of the art equipment to support a variety of projects and skill acquisition.

    Students have the opportunity to participate in a year-long internship experience during 12th grade.

    Students will have a competitive advantage when applying to colleges due to the level of rigor of the courses in the program, the internship experience, participation in research, and soft skills development.

    Students have access to a dedicated program counselor who is able to provide individual academic and social-emotional support, career and college counseling, and program-wide wellness initiatives. 

  • What is CHARGEnorth?

    CHARGEnorth is an innovative, hands-on,  9th – 12th cohort STEM program (currently in its first year) where students spend half their day in program-specific block classes and the other half of the day in classes with the larger student body.  Included in the block classes for 9th grade are Foundations of Engineering, Chemistry, AP Human Geography, 9th Grade Language Arts, and Scientific Research I.  Students have their lunch, Math, and elective classes outside of the program.  (See the course sequence document for info about the upper-level courses.)