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    Registration Information

    ***You must additionally bring your IEP if registering a special education student.***
    1. Proof of residency: (A) Copy of lease, settlement statement or current property tax bill. (B) A current utility bill (gas, water, or electric). NOTE: If you are living with another family in our cluster, you will be required to complete and notarize a residency affidavit (forms provided by school upon request) and provide the documents listed above on the home where you are residing. Affidavits must be renewed annually.
    2. Picture ID of parent or legal guardian (Step Parents without legal guardianship may not enroll a student).
    3. Birth Certificate and/or legal guardianship papers from the court if not birth parent listed on the birth certificate.
    4. Immunizations (GA. Form 3231) and Hearing, Dental and Vision (GA. Form 3300): If a student is entering McClure Health Science HS from out of state, they may request a 30-day waiver to produce immunization and hearing, dental, vision documentation on Georgia forms.
    5. Final report card showing promotion if rising 9th grader and Transcript plus current schedule and transfer grades if grades 10th– 12th.
    6. Special Education Students must provide a copy of their IEP for enrollment.
    7. Social Security Number:  Must have to qualify for HOPE scholarship.

    Please see the attachment for further details on documentation required for school registration during the 2019-2020 school year.

    Please note that failure to produce these documents can result in delaying registration and start date for your student. If the withdrawing school does not provide you with all documents, you will need to come to McClure Health Science High School and sign a release for records form. We can then fax a records request to the previous school. Please note that we require one day to request these records.

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Registered!
  • Option 1: New to GCPS

    If this is your first time enrolling in Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS), our school system has an easy-to-use secure online registration system that will allow you to complete many of the forms required for registering your child. This needs to be completed before you come in for your scheduled appointment.

    If your student is entering McClure Health Science High School from outside the United States, please contact the International Newcomer Center at (678) 985-5200 prior to scheduling an appointment at McClure Health Science High School.

    1. Visit this website: Registering Parent/Guardian - New to GCPS
    2. Create an Account and Complete
    3. Gather Required Documentation from this list 
    4. Please schedule a registration appointment, please contact Ms. Lizette Mayo at 770-806-7917 or email lizette.mayo@gcpsk12.org.

  • Option 2: Not Currently Attending a GCPS School, But Previously Attended a GCPS School

    1. Visit this website Registering Parents/Guardians - Not New to GCPS
    2. Login with your current email address, if you FORGOT your user name and password, please do NOT create another account - call GCPS help desk at 678-301-6547
    3. Add Your New Student
    4. Gather Required Documentation from THIS List 
    5. Please schedule a registration appointment, please contact Ms. Lizette Mayo at 770-806-7917 or email lizette.mayo@gcpsk12.org.

    *If you have an issue with creating an account or login into either link above call the GCPS help desk at 678-301-6547.

  • Option 3: Students Transferring from another GCPS Cluster

    Please note: Students from Lilburn Middle or Radloff Middle do not have to complete this process.  Records will automatically transfer if they chose to attend McClure Health Science High School.

  • Option 4: Option Not Mentioned

    If you do not meet one of the options above, please call Ms. Lizette Mayo at 770-806-7917 to let us help you navigate the registration process.

  • Registration Hours: See Below for Specific Dates & Times

    Location:  McClure Health Science High School Main Office


    To schedule a registration appointment, please contact Ms. Lizette Mayo at 770-806-7917 or email lizette.mayo@gcpsk12.org.