• Prom

  • Prom Promo

  • Junior Class Sponsors

    Stephen Black, Assistant Principal 

    Sandy Darrell Picture

    Sandy Darrell, Junior Class Sponsor


    Haneen Sayyad, Junior Class Sponsor


  • Hours of Contact

    Hours: Monday thru Friday from 6:40-2:40 or email at: 

    Sandy Darrell or Haneen Sayyad

  • Prom Tickets

    Below you will find the link to the gofan page to purchase tickets for prom. 

    GoFan Prom Link

    Prom QR Code

  • Prom Guest Form

    Who are date tickets for: You will need a date ticket if your date is a freshman or sophomore at
    Discovery High School or if your date does not attend Discovery High School. If your date is from
    another high school, we must have a guest form completed by his/her home school (counseling or
    administration). The form is available for download on GoFan.

    Prom dates outside of GCPS schools are not permitted.

    At the Prom, only the official ticket holder will be admitted to the dance with his/her ticket and photo ID.