• Pink Ice Cream Cone

    Ice Cream at Riverside!

    Ice cream costs $1 at Riverside and is a special treat for students!  They must give their ice cream money to their teacher in the morning and make their selection.  They will receive their ice cream order at lunch. 

    A great way to celebrate your child's birthday is by purchasing ice cream for each student.  The cost of each ice cream is $1 per student. You may write a check to Riverside ES or pay cash, and then send it in with your child on the day of the celebration. 


  • Low Fat Strawberry Sundae Ice Cream

    Strawberry Sundae

    Nutritional Information Strawberry Sunday

  • No Fat Sour Blue Raspberry

    No Fat Sour Blue Raspberry

    Nutritional Information Sour Blue Raspberry

  • Fudge-O Bar

    Fudge-O Gluten Free Ice Cream Bar

    Fudge-O Nutritional Information

  • Cookies and Cream

    Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich

    Cookies and Cream Nutritional Information

  • Low Fat Vanilla

    Low Fat Vanilla Ice Cream

    Nutritional Information for Vanilla Ice Cream