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    Clubs and Activities

  • Black Student Union

    Mission:  The Black Student Union fosters student growth and development through diversity, academics, and community services and outreach. We provide an opportunity for students of all races to celebrate black culture, lifestyle, and history.

    Planned Activities:  Black History Month and monthly focus on culture

    Affiliations:  N/A

    Sponsor:  Dr. Mia Jones & Ms. Chyann Hector

    Audience:  All students

    Date: Last Tuesday of every month beginning August 23, 2022. 

    Location of Meetings: C108 (Ms. Hector's Classroom on C-hall)

    What to Bring: N/A

    Cost: $25

    Eligibility for Graduation Cord: If you are a board member or a club member who is a senior, you must regularly attend all meetings for the full duration of the meeting as well as complete service hours. 

    Follow us on Social Media: @mcclure_bsu

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  • Christian Fellowship

    Mission:  Christian Fellowship is a student-led organization that desires to help students grow in purpose and identify through Christian teachings.

    Planned Activities: Veterans Day Prayer at the Flagpole 

    Affiliations: National Day of Prayer

    Sponsor:  Olivia McClain & Catherine Vaughan

    Audience:  9th-12th graders

    Date: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays from 2:00-3:00pm

    Location of Meetings: D FLoor Lecture Hall 

    What to Bring: Phone to download the Bible app or a physical Bible

    Cost: n/a

    Follow us on Social Media: mhshs.christianfellowship 

    Google Classroom Code: k3vkg5v *students should join with their personal gmail*

  • Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)

    Mission: DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

    Planned Activities: Oct. - Fall Rally, Nov. - Fall Leadership Conference, Dec-Jan - Region Competition, March - State Conference

    Affiliations:  N/A

    Sponsor: Janet Sands

    Audience:  All students

    Date: 2nd Monday of every month

    Location of Meetings: A101

    What to Bring: Yourself and a wide-open mind with great ideas

    Cost: $20 to join 

    Follow us on Social Media: mcclurehealthscience_fbla

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  • Drama Club

    Mission: To cultivate the theatrical interest of all students. The theatre program comprises students who learn about the world of drama. This includes performance, character creation, and innovation. The drama club is committed to providing opportunities for students interested in performing and learning how to use their talents to create a positive impact in our school and throughout our community.

    Planned Activities: 2022 - 2023 Play Production

    Affiliations: N/A

    Sponsor: Jessica Milner

    Audience: All students

    Date: Every Thursday

    Location of Meetings: A119/Auditorium

    What to Bring: Closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothes

    Cost: $10

    Follow us on Social Media: mcclurehealthsciencehigh_theater

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  • Environmental Club

    Mission: To empower students to take ownership of the environment and to educate others to be better citizens of the planet.

    Planned Activities: Facilitate campus recycle program if possible. Various community service events like campus clean up and Bring One for the Chipper Christmas Tree Recycling

    Affiliations:  N/A

    Sponsors:  Julie Fritz

    Audience:  All students

    Date: First Tuesday of every month 

    Location of Meetings: D109

    What to Bring: N/A


    Follow us on Social Media:IG: mcclurehealthscienceeclub

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  • French Club

    Mission: To create awareness of French-speaking countries' culture and practices.

    Our mission is to create awareness of French speaking countries culture and practices.

    Planned Activities: French Week during the month of November and Mardi Gras event.  

    Affiliations:  N/A

    Sponsors:  Matsui Boren

    Audience:  All Students

    Date: Tuesdays once a month starting 8/16/2022

    Location of Meetings: C121

    What to Bring: N/A

    Cost: $30

  • Gwinnett Student Leadership Team (GSLT)

    Mission: Each Gwinnett County High School has a Gwinnett Student Leadership Team. These teams consist of 3 Sophomores, 3 Juniors, and 3 Seniors. These students are selected via application and interview at the beginning of the sophomore year and experience a world-class leadership journey. McClure Health Science High School begins our rigorous selection process of 3 sophomores in October each Fall. For more information, please visit GSLT Online.

    Planned Activities: Student Leadership Development, Organizing Student Ambassadors for school events, Local Leadership Conferences

    Affiliations:  Gwinnett Student Leadership Team

    Sponsors:  Sally Taylor and Hadley Robins

    Audience:  Student Leaders

    Date: Every other Wednesday from 2:00-3:00 PM 

    Location of Meetings: Student Leadership Meeting Room - B124 

    What to Bring: N/A

    Cost: N/A

    Application: The application process is beginning for current Sophomores. A Student/ Parent/ Guardian interest meeting will be held on September 22, 2022 at 5:00 PM in the Theater. Students who are eligible to apply have been sent emails through their GCPS email and any Parent/Guardian email on file. 

    The application will be submitted through Google Classroom. Please see Mrs. Taylor (B124) or Mr. Robins (D123) for access. 

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  • Health MPowers Student Health Advisors

    Mission: Empower youth to choose healthy habits for themselves through hands-on learning in nutrition classes, taste tests, and other events by and for teens, we're helping youth transform their communities and themselves. (HealthMPowers.org)

    Planned Activities: Community Service, School Healthy Eating Initiatives, Student Leadership, Physical Activities

    Affiliations: Health MPowers

    Sponsors:  Stephanie Sprayberry and Meridith Watts

    Audience: All Students

    Date: Once a Month on Tuesdays

    Location of Meetings: Media Center & Gym

    What to Bring: Tennis shoes and a positive attitude

    Cost: N/A

    Follow us on Social Media: @McClureHSHShealthychoices

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  • Hispanic Organization Promoting Education (HoPe)

    Mission: The mission of Hispanic Organization Promoting Education (HoPe) is to increase the graduation rate among Hispanic high school students through leadership, education, and community service.

    Planned Activities: Community Service

    Affiliations:  Hope Organization

    Sponsors: Jeimy Soto

    Audience:  All students

    Date: 2nd Thursday of each month starting 8/19/2022

    Location of Meetings: Media Center

    What to Bring: N/A

    Cost: $20.00

    Follow us on Instagram: Mcclurehshs_hope

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  • HOSA Future Health Professionals

    Mission: Develop leadership qualities and skills; build self-confidence, motivation and enthusiasm; Develop workplace readiness skills; Understand current healthcare issues; Collaborate with health professionals and future employers; Set realistic career and educational goals

    Planned Activities: Fall and Spring Blood Drives, Pink Out Party, Fall Rally, Fall Leadership, State Leadership, and International Leadership Conferences, Community Service opportunities, Scholarship opportunities,Health Fair and much more!

    Affiliations: Future Health Professionals: Georgia HOSA

    Sponsor: Tara Mitchell, Meridith Watts

    Audience: Students interested in Health Science Occupations

    Date: Bi-weekly on Thursday 2-3:15 pm beginning August 11,2022

    Location of Meetings: B Floor Seminar Room

    What to Bring: Pen & Paper, HOSA materials requested, a POSITIVE attitude

    Cost: 3 options - Teal ($25), Silver ($50), Gold ($75)

    Eligibility for Graduation Cords: 

    •  20 hours of community service/ volunteering

    • Attend 80% of meetings

    • Participation in at least 1 of the big events (Pink Out Party/ Health Fair)

    • Participation in both blood drives (donating or volunteering)

    • Participation in a competitive event that requires a SQT or an event at FLC/ SLC not requiring a SQT

    Follow us on Social Media: McClureHealthScience_HOSA

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  • Intramurals

    Mission: To provide students a fun and safe opportunity to participate in a variety of after-school activities fitness and athletics competing against their classmates.

    Planned Activities: Playing Teams against other themed high schools in the Spring Semester and looking to play teachers in the Fall semester.

    Affiliations:  N/A

    Sponsor: Leroy Kirkpatrick and Taren Clemons, Stephanie Sprayberry

    Audience: Students who love participating in sports and friendly competition with their peers.

    Date: Every Tuesday (Team Sports) and Thursday (Cardio Fitness 2:00-3:00 pm

    Location of Meetings: Gym

    What to Bring: Appropriate athletic wear (shorts, shirt, socks, and shoes)

    Cost: $5.00

    Follow us on Social Media: N/A

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • Key Club

    Mission: To cultivate the next generation of leaders while building stronger communities through service. Our purpose is to make a difference in the world one community at a time.

    Planned Activities: Rainbow Village Valentine's Day Bags, Toy Drive, Canned Food Drive, Supporting Elderly in Nursing Homes, Teacher Appreciation, Custodial Staff Appreciation, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Candy Grams, One New Student-Led Initiative

    Affiliations: Duluth Key Club Kiwanis

    Sponsors: Laura Sly

    Audience:  All Students (email sponsors for application)

    Date: Every other Tuesday

    Location of Meetings: Media Center

    What to Bring: An open mind, new ideas, and like-minded people interested in all or one of our initiatives.

    Cost: $35.00

    Follow us on Social Media: mcclure_keyclub

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  • KPop Elites

    Mission: To express and converse through our love and appreciation for Korean pop. Whether it be the culture or the meaning behind the lyrics, those alike enjoy it all the same.

    Planned Activities:  Bts comeback party on September 9th. We will be watching the premiere together and discussing it amongst the other new released songs!

    Affiliations: N/A

    Sponsor: Skylar Martinez 

    Audience:  Those who enjoy or want to get into Kpop. A diverse strand of music I believe all can enjoy.

    Date: Bi-weekly on Thursday starting 8/26/2021

    Location of Meetings: B113

    What to Bring: Yourself

    Cost: N/A

    Follow us on Social Media: @kpopelitesmhshs

    eClass Link:  Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • M&M: Dungeons and Dragons

    Mission: To build literacy, math, and social skills through immersive role-playing games.

    Planned Activities:  

    Affiliations:  N/A

    Sponsors:  John Draekul and Jesse White

    Audience: Any student that wants to use their imagination.

    Date: Every Thursday from 2:00-3:00 pm

    Location of Meetings: D119

    What to Bring: a pencil and your imagination

    Cost: N/A

    Application: N/A

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • Muslim Student Association

    Mission: To educate on the religion of Islam and participate in activities that will leave a positive impact on the community 

    Planned Activities: Monthly Meetings

    Affiliations: N/A

    Sponsor:  Julie Fritz

    Audience: All students

    Date: Second Tuesday of the month from 2-3 PM starting on 11/9

    Location of Meetings: Mr. Fritz's Classroom C107

    What to Bring: An open mind

    Cost: n/a

    Follow us on Social Media: TBA

    eClass Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • National Art Honor Society & Art Club

    Mission: The mission of the National Art Honor Society is to:  

    • Inspire and recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in art.
    • Foster excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art.
    • Further creative abilities and talents of the Society’s members, as well as the school’s entire student art enrollment.
    • Aid members in working toward the attainment of their highest potential in an art area.
    • Bring art to the attention of the school and community.
    • Increase awareness of art in relation to other areas of the school curriculum.
    • Further aesthetic awareness in all aspects of the school’s total program.

    Planned Activities: Student Leadership Development Weekly Student & Sponsor lead art workshops

    Affiliations: N/A

    Sponsor:  Theresa Ryan

    Audience: Students with a strong interest in creating & promoting art 

    Date: Tuesdays & Wednesdays starting 8/17

    Location of Meetings: Art Classroom D118

    What to Bring: A Sketchbook & Art making utensils (pencils, pens, paint, etc.)

    Cost: $20

    Follow us on Social Media: Instagram: mcclurehealthscienceart

    eClass Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • National Honor Society

    Mission:  To elevate McClure Health Science High School's commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

    Planned Activities: Community & School Service, Faculty & Staff Appreciation, Student Leadership Development, specific activities to be announced throughout the school year (planned by committee members)

    Affiliations:  NHS

    Sponsor:  Katie Albers

    Audience: 10th - 12th-grade students with a cumulative Numeric Grade Average (NGA) of 90 or above. Students must be inducted to become members.

    Date: First Tuesday of the month from 2:00-3:00pm (Fall Dates: 9/6, 10/4, 11/1, 12/6)

    Location of Meetings: B Floor Lecture Hall

    What to Bring: 

    Cost: $10.00 to be paid on MyPaymentsPlus

    Eligibility for Graduation Cord:

    • 15 total service hours since membership
    • Attend 6 out of 8 yearly meetings

    Application: By invitation only

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization

  • National Honor Society of Dance Arts


    Planned Activities: 


    Sponsor:  Annie Bunch



    Location of Meetings: 

    What to Bring: 


    Eligibility for Graduation Cord:

    • 30 NHSDA points (see Ms. Bunch for point opportunities)
    • 20 hours of community service

    Follow Us on Social Media:

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization

  • National Spanish Honor Society

    Mission: The purpose of the Society is to recognize high achievement in Spanish by students of secondary schools and to promote continuity of interest in Hispanic studies.

    Planned Activities: Tutoring Spanish students, community service, local and state competitions (National Spanish Exam and Speaking/writing Competitions)

    Affiliations: National affiliation: SOCIEDAD HONORARIA HISPÁNICA (American Association of Teachers of Spanish & Portuguese (AATSP)

    Sponsor:  Jeimy Soto Leon 

    Audience: Any student who has maintained a 90 or higher in the study of Spanish for each of the 4 semesters of Spanish I and II or Native Speakers Spanish I and II and is in the 10th grade or higher is eligible to be a member of the Spanish Honor Society. Membership is by invitation only.

    Date: The 4th Thursday of each month starting 

    Location of Meetings: C124

    What to Bring: N/A

    Cost: $20

    Follow us on Social Media: @spanishhonor_society_mhshs

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • Pride Alliance

    Mission: To spread awareness and advocate changes that create inclusivity and equity for all. 

    Planned Activities: Fundraisers, guest speakers, and PRIDE Spirit Week

    Affiliations:  GSA Network

    Sponsors:  Sarah Bess Zigler and James Frew

    Audience:  All students

    Date: Every 2nd and last Friday of the month from 2:00-3:00pm

    Location of Meetings: C116

    What to Bring: N/A

    Cost: $20

    Follow us on Social Media: Instagram: @mcclurepridealliance

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • Pulse Dance Company: National Honors Society of Dance Arts

    Mission: The Pulse Dance Company is a student-led club and is open to all students.  It provides leadership opportunities for students pursuing National Honors Recognition in Dance Arts. McClure Health Science High School Dance Company seeks to promote life-long learning in the field of dance. We encourage understanding and appreciation for dance as an art form and wish to develop knowledgeable advocacy of dance arts. The Pulse Dance Company identifies students for artistic merits, leadership, and inducts students into one of the highest honors programs for dance in the United States. 

    Planned Activities: Students will perform in community events as representatives of McClure Health Science High School. Dance activates include dance classes, rehearsals, performances, workshops, and community service activities. Students will demonstrate collaborative teamwork, motivation, and leadership in all aspects of dance art.

    Affiliations: National Honor Society of Dance Arts

    Sponsors: Annie Bunch 

    Audience: Anyone can dance, and a great dancer can come from anywhere.

    Date: Tuesdays 2:00-3:00 pm starting 8/11/2021

    Location of Meetings: Dance Studio (A116)

    What to Bring: Proper dance attire and dance shoes

    Cost: $45 per year

    Follow us on Social Media: @mcclurehealthsciencedance

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • Pulse Poets

    Mission: Our mission is to foster poetic expression in a communal environment by providing practical tools for students to improve their poetic skills and by encouraging the reading, writing, and sharing of poetry.

    Planned Activities: We will provide students with opportunities to discuss and share poetry. Our meetings will consist of workshop, uplifting, constructive feedback, and creative writing prompts. We will also host a school-wide open mic night and will find authentic ways to share poems with the community. 

    Affiliations: N/A

    Sponsor: Morgan Sweatt & Kinsey Rubio

    Audience: All Students

    Date: Every second and fourth Tuesday from 2-3pm 

    Location of Meetings: C105 

    What to Bring: Any poems or writing that you would like to share with the group. This could be original creations or writing by individuals who inspire you. 

    Cost: $15.00 

    Follow us on Social Media: @mhshs.pulsepoets 

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization. 

  • Readers Rally

    Mission: We will support a community of readers through regular independent reading and student collaboration.

    Planned Activities: We'll take part in the district-wide Readers Rally event, which is a quiz bowl-style reading competition for students in grades 4-12. The 2022-2023 Readers Rally competition is scheduled for Saturday, February 25, 2023 at Peachtree Ridge High School. 

    Affiliations: N/A

    Sponsors: Laura Sly and Kathleen Barrett

    Audience: All students with an interest in reading

    Date: Every other Wednesday from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

    Location of Meetings: Media Center

    What to Bring: A book to read and share!

    Cost: $25

    Eligibility for Graduation Cord:

    • Attend at least 8 meetings
    • Participate in at least one fundraiser

    Follow us on Social Media: @mhshs.media

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • Relay for Life

    Mission: To bring awareness to cancer and support the Gwinnett Relay for Life Event.

    Planned Activities: Relay for Life Spirit Week, Relay for Life Event for 2020 (October 30th), Relay for Life for 2021 (May 2021).

    Affiliations: Gwinnett County Relay for Life Event

    Sponsor:  Cathleen Eckholm and Renee Williams

    Audience: Students willing to participate in fundraisers and events that support the Gwinnett Relay for Life Event.

    Date: Last Wednesday of every Month - Calendar of Events

    Location of Meetings: C106

    What to Bring: An open mind with ideas about how to support fundraising and spirit week for Relay!

    Cost: N/A

    Eligibility for Graduation Cord: Participate in fundraising events and raise $100 through your own fundraising. 

    Follow us on Social Media: mhshs.relayforlife

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • Science Fair Club

    Mission: The purpose of this club is to awaken the science wonder at McClure those you are willing to become a scientist in the future career. We will create science or engineering projects to test your science ideas related to your real-life experience in your investigation. You will practice scientific skills by designing an experiment, solving problems, analyzing data. You will represent McClure to participate in GCPS science fair. A lot of fun is waiting for you.

    Planned Activities: GCPS Science fair on January 2023 (Science Fair Project Timeline for 2021-2022)

    Affiliations:  Local/GCPS/State Science Fair

    Sponsor: Lisa Shang & Todd Snyder

    Audience: All students (for application student join via attached Google site or email teacher)

    Date: Every other Thursday from 3:00-4:30 pm starting 8/25/2022

    Location of Meetings: B106

    What to Bring: N/A

    Cost: N/A

    Eligibility for Graduation Cord: 

    • Club member
    • Complete the Science fair project
    • Winner of MHSHS in 2023

    Application: Science Fair Club Application Form at MHSHS

    Website for MHSHS Science Fair

    Follow us on Social Media:

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • Step Team

    Mission:  The purpose of this club is to spread spirit and excitement throughout the school for upcoming events whether it's for the school or clubs.

    Planned Activities: Performances during lunch, and at school events

    Affiliations:  N/A

    Sponsor: Shirlene Holden and Jessica Milner

    Audience: 10th - 12th-grade students at MHSHS

    Date: Meeting dates can be found on Step Team Google Calendar

    Location of Meetings: Chorus or Theater

    What to Bring: Something Comfortable to move around in.

    Cost: N/A

    Application: N/A

    To Join Step Team: Join the Google Classroom for further information, including meeting dates.

    Google Classroom Code: lpoxi4p 

  • Student Council

    Mission: We will serve as a platform that brings students' ideas about leadership, culture, and servitude to fruition while serving as a catalyst for student leadership and growth.

    Planned Activities: School Spirit Initiatives, Local and State Leadership Conferences, Community Service/Philanthropic Events, Student Leadership Development, Teacher/Staff Appreciation Initiatives 

    Affiliations: Georgia Association of Student Councils - GACS (State), Southern Association of Student Councils - SACS (Regional), National Association of Student Councils - NASC (National)

    Sponsor: Shannon Zangas, Morgan Sweatt, and Jade Keys

    Audience: All Students

    Date: Alternating Thursdays from 2:00-3:00pm - See Schedule Here

    Location of Meetings: B Floor Lecture Hall

    What to Bring: N/A


    • New member Plan: $25 

      • (t-shirt, club fair, fall dance)

    • Current Member Plan: $15 

      • (club fair, fall dance)

    Eligibility for Graduation Cord:

    • 20 Hours of Service within Student Council (staying after school to prepare for events, completing volunteer requests and opportunities as offered: set up and tear down of StuCo events, volunteer at fundraisers, etc.)
    • Miss no more than 3 general meetings

    Follow us on Social Media: mhshs.stuco

    To join StuCo: Please pay dues on My Payments Plus and join the Google classroom to view the schedule of meetings. 

    Google Classroom Code: 4cpnrpr

  • Sustainable McClure Advisory Council (SMAC)

    Mission: Our mission is to promote sustainability in the Meadowcreek/McClure community by raising our awareness and providing education about the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle through increased student engagement at the elementary, middle, and school levels.

    Planned Activities: At its core SMAC intends to bring awareness to a sustainable lifestyle. We will accomplish this by forming relationships with local organizations such as Gwinnett Clean-and-Beautiful, Parks and Recreation. We would also perform outreach activities such as attending Elementary and Middle School community events, social media campaigns, school-wide campaigns, and sustainability expo informing the community about sustainability and our club's progress. We also like to do cleanup activities such as Adopt-a-Stream, and Adopt-a-Road. There would not only help clean up local ecosystems but also do research on our ecosystems and how behaviors such as littering affect it. Using that information we would come up with possible solutions to prevent further harm to our environment.

    Affiliations:  N/A

    Sponsor: Julie Fritz

    Audience:  All Students

    Date: Twice a month on Tuesdays

    Location of Meetings: D123

    What to Bring: 

    Cost: N/A

    Follow us on Social Media: N/A

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • Vex Gaming Club

    Mission:  Vex Robotics creates tools to shape learners into the problem-solving leaders of tomorrow; establishing a welcoming space where gamers can also discuss their passion for video games and/or board games. 

    Planned Activities:  Vex IQ Challenge, Vex Robotics Competition, Robotics Summer Workshops & Camps, End of the year gaming tournament

    Affiliations:  Innovation First International, Inc. & Vex Robotics, Inc., Robotics Education & Competition Foundation

    Sponsor:  Teresa BrooksJohn Draekul & Spencer Baker

    Audience:  All students excited about hands-on STEM learning.

    Date: Every other Thursday beginning 8/18/2023

    Location of Meetings: AVTF Lab

    What to Bring: board games & video games

    Cost: $5

    Follow us on Social Media: mcclure_gaming_club

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.

  • Yearbook

    Mission:  To create a quality yearbook for all students and staff that reflects the activities of the school year.

    Planned Activities:  Students will take pictures and create pages in a digital design program. Students will report on and interview students at all school activities.

    Affiliations:  N/A

    Sponsors: Dr. Jimmie McKinley

    Audience:  Students interested in photography and designing the yearbook


    Location of Meetings: 

    What to Bring: Ideas for page development and what are wanted pages in the yearbook

    Social Media: 

    eCLASS Link: Please email the sponsor if you would like to join this club/organization.