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Dr. Rukina Walker

It is truly an honor to serve as Principal of Trip Elementary School.  Trip Elementary opened its doors to the Grayson community in its inaugural year in 2008. The name Trip Elementary emanates from the rich and storied past of the Grayson community.  In 1879, Rev. James Patterson McConnell established a township in southeast Gwinnett County that came to be known as Grayson.  At that time, Rev. McConnell and his wife Susan, purchased land in an area known then as the Bay Creek District, located at what is now the intersection of Highway 20/Loganville Highway and Grayson Parkway.  A store built on the land became home to a post office with Rev. McConnell serving as the community’s first post master.  A local merchant suggested the name “Trip” for the post office because it was a “trip” from the county seat of Lawrenceville to the new post office.  For years, the community was called Trip as well, until formally incorporating as a town in 1901 and eventually taking on the name of Grayson. 

As the Trip community grew, so did the need for a formal education for the children of the area.  In 1881, Trip Academy was constructed, which was a small log cabin, and served as the community’s first recorded school.  The opening of Trip Academy in 1881 marked the beginning of a long history of the dedication to quality education in Grayson.  Trip elementary is still dedicated to setting high standards, providing our students with quality, engaging instruction, and increasing student achievement.

As reflected in our motto, “Where Learning Is a Lifelong Journey,” we strive to provide our students with an educational experience that is positive, structured, rigorous, and world-class.  We continually seek opportunities that will challenge their thinking, inspire their learning and prepare them with the knowledge and skills necessary for college, career and life readiness.  Ultimately, we want our students to be powerful, productive members of our society that dream big and have a strong educational foundation

On behalf of Trip Elementary School faculty and staff, I extend a warm welcome to you as we look forward to the best school year ever.  We are committed to ensuring each student achieves to their greatest potential.  We are also committed to providing exceptional service to parent and community members.  Each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow at Trip Elementary.  Parents and community members play a valuable role in our success.  We welcome your suggestions and encourage your membership in the PTA. 

As we continue to focus on quality and excellence in our instruction, environment, and service, we want to thank you for entrusting us with educating your child.  It is an honor and a privilege to work with your children everyday.  We look forward to continued success and serving you, your child, and the Grayson community.


Rukina Walker