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  • Art Club

    Sponsors: Annie Park and Carrie Nicholoson

    Art Club is for any student who would like to learn about creative processes-Digital drawings, Jewelry Making and Animation sketches and film viewing

    Students will participate in Animation film viewing, Digital art drawings, Jewelry winter sale.  paint  
    Lanier Art Club is affiliated with the GAEA
    Meeting times:weekly beginning inseptember see club calendar for specific dates.

  • Beta Club

    Sponsors: Eileen Boone, Kathryn Rodriguez, Rebekah Spratlin

    Activities:  96 Elephants, Ronald McDonald House Charity, Great Days of Service

    Mission:  To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service, and leadership among middle school students.  To reward meritorious achievement and to encourage and assist students in continuing their education after high school.    Beta Club

    Meeting days:  Tuesdays at 8:15, third floor 1.551 (Boone)

    Affiliated with:  National Beta

  • Chess Club

    Sponsors Mr. Guy and Mr. Ragsdale

     The chess club is designed to be an outlet for students who want to learn how to play, work on theirChess Club skills, with the goal to play competitive games. 

    We strive to: To inspire a love for the game of chess, build chess-playing skills & strategies (pin, fork, skewer, etc...)  Teach other students how to play chess and enjoy the competitive nature of chess and improve sportsmanship

    In the Spring, members of the club will be selected to compete in the Georgia Chess Association’s Regional Championship 

    State Chess Association

    National Chess Association

    State and national organization membership is optional  


    The club meets in Mr. Guy's room Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

    Club sponsors will be available on a sporadic rotation to teach beginners as well as advanced strategy. Tutoring and other school meetings will supersede chess coaching.

    Georgia Chess Association                                                              US Chess Federation

  • Conflict Club

    Sponsor: Karla Manners  Co-Sponsor:  Chap Shearouse 

    The mission of the conflict club it to teach students the soft skills of conflict resolution and conflictconflict resolution management.
    Students will particiapate in case studies, group discussions, role playing scenarios as well as litening to guest speakers.
    Affiliations: Working on state affiliation with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution (GODR)
    Meeting times: TBA

  • Culinary Club

    Sponsors: Shannon Michielsen, Kristie Timms, & LaTesha Howard

    Mission: To cook, create, and collaborate with young chefs in a safe and fun environment
    Description of Planned Activities: Lanier Culinary Club will research simple recipes to make and share, Cooking along with learning safe and effective food prep practices.

    Meeting times / dates - Tuesdays after school until 5:15 (every other week) -- beginning date TBD

  • Drama Club

    Sponsor: Nick Elliott

    The purpose of Drama Club is to encourage thinking outside of the box, pushing individual boundaries, and becoming more confident performers.  Members will develop people skills and learn leadership skills.  They will also become more adept at collaboration.  Drama masks We will be putting on a small production in early December, and (depending on interest), a musical in the spring.               

    Meetings will be Thursday afternoons from 4:20 – 6:00, starting after Labor Day. When the Drama Club is putting on a show, students will be required to meet more often for rehearsals.

  • Environmental Club

    Sponsor: Chap Shearouse

    The mission of our Longhorn Environmental Club is to promote stewardship, service, and conservation in our school, our community, and our world through education, awareness, and action.

    globe Environmental Club members will help facilitate the removal of recyclable materials from the building each week and ensure that all members of our Longhorn community are aware of what can and cannot be recycled. We will also meet to discuss environmental issues and offer students a platform for engagement in conservation and stewardship projects. 

  • FCA | Ignite Club

    Sponsors:  Rachel Rasque, Eileen Boone, and Holli Imig 

    The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages students and athletes to grow in their faith and sportFCA
    Planned activities - TBD
    Affiliated with FCA Gwinnett
    Tuesday mornings in Ms Rasque's room 1.553 at 8:15am

  • History Club

    Sponsors: Adam Webb and Cody Garrett

    To inspire students to learn from the past and change the future.   History club
    • Weekly Meetings 
    • Book Study 
    • Community Projects 
    National History Club
    Tuesday Mornings 8:15AM Beginning 9/3
    Mr. Webb's classroom (1.179)

  • Intramurals

    Sponsors: Coach Love & Coach Rabek

    Intramurals Club is a great opportunity for students to have fun and be active before school. Under the supervision of a certified teacher, students will have the opportunity to play basketball or soccer.  Intramural sports
    Students can participate in as many or as few sessions as is convenient; they are not required to attend every session.  Students are not required to be in the gym right at 8:00, but they MUST arrive by 8:10 in order to be placed on a team. 

    Required Permission Form before you can begin must be completed and turned in to Coach Rabek or Coach Love.

  • Kindness Club

    Sponsor - Janan Olsen

    Mission/purpose:  To spread kindness and the attitude of generosity and intentional giving throughout our school, community, and even on a global scale
    Description of planned activities:  Spread kindness with small treats and random acts of kindness to Choose Kindness faculty and staff here at Lanier Middle School throughout the year; create opportunities for students to give back to our local community via volunteering for events; provide shoeboxes of toys and supplies for children around the world via Samaritan's Purse with the help of teachers and students at our school; send care packages to military members; assist teachers at various busy times in the school year
    Any local, state, national affiliations: Samaritan's Purse for Shoeboxes for Children; 12Stone Church provides shipping cost for Samaritan's Purse Shoeboxes and the shoeboxes to be filled
    Meeting days/times:  Weekly on Monday mornings at 8:15AM

  • Mindful Humans

    Sponsors: Jennifer Diaz & Meg Robinson

    The Mindful Human Club will focus on Equality for all groups and individuals; overarching goal is to have a unifying, all-inclusive club, reducing us vs. them while increasing acceptance of all.  Mindful Humans will encourage a balance of understanding who you are with a desire to understand others. In addition, students will research and focus on mindful practices in order to reduce stress and anxiety, peace promoting a positive and open mindset.
    Activities that students will be taking part:
    Ice breakers 
    Mindful practices including mindful movement and mindfulness activities 
    Brainstorming sessions
    Identify humanitarian issues in the world paralleling with issues at Lanier that need to be addressed 
    Discussions centering on what students can do to address these world/local issues

    We will meet on Tuesday mornings 

    Fees:  At this time we do not have any fees associated, but we anticipate coming up with a t-shirt design for those students who wish to purchase

  • Science Fair Club

    Sponsor: Mrs. Hall

    Sciecne Fair Club will meet once a week in the morning to provide extra help and teacher guidance to DNA molecule students regarding science fair projects. This is open to students who are required to complete Science Fair for a grade and to those who would like to participate on a voluntary basis. Students will receive assistance with experimental design and paperwork during club meetings. Students will receive guidance in order to participate in the local school science fair in January with the option to move on to the Gwinnett Science & Engineering Fair in February based on scores locally.

  • Sisterhood Project

    Sponsors: Holly Hall & Jennifer Diaz

    Mission:  Build an inclusive collaborative of girls living in the Longhorn community that will build body confidence and challenge beauty stereotypes strengthening the members’ self-esteem and help them grow into confident, capable, and contributing members of society.  In essence, we will be creating a place of belonging for students encouraging them to foster inclusivity and positive peer relationships.

    Description of planned activities:

    We will be utilizing the “Dove Self-Esteem Project” curriculum as well as developing our own Longhorn initiatives to increase belonging and self-esteem among students.

    National affiliations: 

    Dove Self-Esteem Project

    Meeting Days/Times:

    Alternate Mondays (dates TBA) @ 8:15

  • Soccer Club

    Coaches: Justin Brown & Tim Rabek 

     The purpose of the soccer club is to be used as a pilot program to get soccer as a sanctioned sport in Gwinnett County schools. Therefore, this is a team that requires tryouts and where games are played against other middle schools finishing the season with a county tournament that will be held in March. A goal this year is to start a girls team as well as build on our boys team from last year.

    Our mission is to grow our players not only individually but as a team as well. LMS Soccer Ball

    Tryout dates: 6th grade, TBA, 7th grade, TBA, 8th grade, TBA, Final tryout with returning players, TBA (Tryouts will be in October)

    Players will have to pay for jerseys and tournament fees, Amount of money, TBA

    Practices will be held in the mornings with games on Saturdays and after school (Schedule will be created in late November or Early December) closer to the tournament we will practice on Fridays as well. We will practice half the time on the field and half in the gym. Affiliations: We are affiliated with Gwinnett County: The Futbol Classic tournament that is hosted at Bryson Park in Lilburn, Ga by Michael Spivey.

    Boys roster                        

     Girls Roster                                                                                                            

  • STEM Bots Club

    Sponsors: Michele Langhans, Catherine Proctor, Sarah Spence

    We are the LMS' robotics club. All students are invited to join. We work on problem-solving, basic coding,Lego robot and teamwork.

    Planned Activities: We will attend several competitions on the local and possibly state levels. 

    Local and State Affiliations: We use First Lego League and Vex IQ 

    Dates: We meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school from
    4:15 - 6:00 PM. Tuesdays is for all grade levels and will focus on Legos; Thursdays is for 7th and 8th grade only and will focus on Vex IQ.

  • Student Council

    Sponsors: Cody Garrett,Holli Imig, Karen Jones, Shannon Rolin, Warren Selzer

    The purpose of Student Council is to promote pride, spirit, service, and achievement in our school. Student Council Members are a part of an elected group of leaders who stand to serve the school community.
    Possible Activities Include
    Create posters for PTA projects (dances, food drives, etc)    Student Council     
    Nerd day dress up (for interim testing)
    Pajama day for math technology
    Helped with jingle wars
    Valentine Grams. (This is the only fund-raiser for Student Council and pays for our end of the yearactivity - donut breakfast)
    Leprechaun Trap activity
    End of the year spirit days - (dress up days)

    Entire Council meetings are the first Monday of the Month in the Media Center at 8:15 am.Committee meetings -tbd- (Leadership committee needs to meet right before the monthly meeting, and the communication committee the day after the monthly meetings)

  • Student Life Committee

    Sponsor: Carrie Lather

    The Student Life Committee's mission to teach students to be leaders and to create a connection between teachers, students, and the entire Lanier Community by planning activities to encourage this such as:

    • Culture Night
    • Day in the Life of a Longhorn: Rising 6th Grade Campleadership
    • Creating a positive environment

    After applying and being selected to be on the committee, we will meet most Thursdays at 8:15 in the 2nd floor computer lab. Select here to apply. You may be requested to have an interview and you will be notified no later than September if you have made the committee.

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