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  • Everything is Possible Mindset

    Posted by Robert Mosteller on 8/30/2019

    Be a  dream catcher not a dream snatcher

    The Everything is Possible mindset is about dreaming big, embracing creativity, thinking positive and expecting great things. With this mindset we are no longer limited by what has happened in the past, our own limiting beliefs or our present reality.

    The 4 Critical Components of Everything is Possible:

    1. Dream Big- Everything in our lives from cell phones, to shoes, to makeup, to social media was once someone’s big idea! When we let ourselves have big dreams, we are increasing the expectations that we have for our lives. Think about what your big dream is...or even a goal you'd like to achieve in the next month or so....pay careful attention to what you need to do to accomplish your goal.  What are you doing RIGHT NOW to make your goals happen?  Remember, when you think big, dream big, and believe big....your results will be BIG!!

    2. Embrace CreativityEmbracing creativity means using your imagination and trying new things so you can reach your big dream. The only time we are creating new things in life is when we're being imaginative and innovative.  If we want new experiences and things we've never had, we must do things we've never done.  This could be reading a book to acquire new knowledge, debating a topic with a friend, trying out a new hobby, learning a new skill or talking to new people who will help you to expand your mind.. Life can only change and expand through creative action.  There isn't a wrong or a right way to reach the goals you have set for yourself, and there definitely isn't an only  one way....you need to find YOUR way!  By embracing creativity, we can do things we have never done before.  Tap into your inner creativity and follow wherever it leads!

    3. Think PositiveEncourage positive thinking in your life. This means finding the positive in all situations and expecting good things from other people. Be a happy, positive person who others want to be around! There will always be challenges and obstacles to overcome in life...you can choose to feel defeated during tough times and become a victim of your circumstances, OR you can choose to focus on the positives and look for opportunities to grow through difficulties....THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

    4. Act and Adjust


    4 Do's and Don'tsAt Home

    • DO be a Dream Catcher not a Dream Snatcher
    • DO celebrate and support innovation and creativity in the home.  Whether it's through crafts, play or games, seek opportunities for your children to tap into their imaginations and creative capacity.  One major concern with access to technology and devices is our children's inability to get bored.  Boredom has long been the source of innovation and creativity.  Create more space in your child's life and push them to innovate and create.  The capacity to use boredom to their advantage will benefit them for the rest of their life.
    • DON'T foster perfectionism.  Perfectionism is a primary cause of anxiety, locking us up and preventing us from taking action due to fear of failure.  This is most prevalent in young people living in a world of reality TV, perfect selfies, filters, and sensationalism.  More than ever, they must understand they are human and that mistakes are a healthy part of learning and growing up happy and successful.  Let them do their own work,let them make mistakes and let them learn to grow through adversity while they are under your roof



     Discussion table

    • Ask your child about their big dreams and goals for life
    • Celebrate risk taking and failure.
      • One great practice at the dinner table is to ask your child what they "failed at that day" or what didn't go very well. Rather than focus on the mistake or loss, ask them to consider how they can grow from it, what they learned, what new skill could be developed, what relationship would be created or expanded, etc. Congratulate them for trying, and point out that the people who succeed are those who take risks and fail, so your kids are in good company and on their way.
    •   Focus discussions on what you child will accomplish rather than what they won't.   Help guide them to thoughts where they are living their dreams, and direct their attention toward what they are going to do to achieve them. 


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