• Clubs & Activities

  • 4H Club

    Your child has a chance to be a part of the nation’s largest youth organization! 4-H is a youth development program provided by UGA Extension Gwinnett for boys and girls. It is a program designed with kids in mind, focused on peer support rather than peer pressure. 4-H offers an array of leadership development and learning opportunities for young people through "hands on" learning experiences, focused on agricultural and environmental issues, communication skills, foods and nutrition, health, energy conservation, and citizenship.

    Sponsor: Jennifer Jones

    Number of Students: 25 students

    Grades: K – 5 th students

    First Meeting: Sept 25th

    Meeting Time: Every other Wednesday afternoon

    Cost: $5.00 for supplies

  • Robotics

    This year’s Robotics club will consist of 10 members that will be competing in the Georgia Regional Lego First Robotics Competition in December. You may sign up for this club; however, we can only choose 10 students to compete on the Robotics team. Registering does not mean you are in this club. Only those receiving a confirmation letter from Mrs. McGough or Mr. King should attend on September 12th.

    Sponsors: Vanita McGough and David King

    Number of students: 10

    Grades: 4th and 5th Grade

    First Meeting: September 11th

    Meeting Time: 7:10am- 7:45am on Thursdays

    Final Meeting: December 18th

  • Library Leaders

    This club will encourage students to take a leadership role in the library! Library Leaders get the inside scoop on the media center and receive training so that they can assist with special tasks like scanning and shelving books, decorating book displays, and more. Students will also help choose NEW books to purchase for the media center! We will create a survey and collect responses to find out what kids want and choose books to order accordingly. Once books arrive, students will help with any basic processing (stamping inside cover) and help promote them in the library and on our Morning News Show!

    If you're interested, pick up a leadership application from the media center!

    Sponsor: Jennifer Hicks

    Number of students: 15 students can participate

    Grades: 3rd - 5th grades

    First Meeting: October 1st

    Meeting Time: First Tuesday of each month @ 7:10AM

  • Good News Club

    Register online: https://goodnewsclubgwinnett.org/registration/trip/

    Sponsors: Deb Mercier and Vanita McGough

    Grades: 2nd-5th

    Meeting Dates: Mondays starting September 9th - March 23rd (except holidays, and we take a short break for Fall Break in Nov. - Winter Break in Jan)

    Times: 3:10-4:30PM

  • Science Olympiad

    Students cannot register for the Science Olympiad team. Students are invited based on test scores, grades, and classroom performance. Students must purchase a t-shirt.

    Sponsors: Robin Brainard and Debbie Partrick 

  • Art Club

    The Art Club is a club for selected students who have shown an above and beyond interest and work ethic in the art room. This year, students will be selected from the 4th and 5th grades and will receive an invitation. We will have many fun projects this year that we will showcase around the school. The Art Club helps prepare and participates in Trip’s Fine Arts Night. Participants must attend Fine Arts Night. 


    Number of students: 15

    Grades: 4 th and 5th Grade- By Invitation Only

    Cost: $10.00 for Art Supplies

    First Meeting: Friday, October 12th

    Meeting Time: Friday Mornings at 7:15am in the art room ending March 26 th. 

  • Rockin' Rams

    Ms. Smith is looking for fabulous 4th and 5th grade students to join the chorus! We will be singing and moving to all kinds of music! The Rockin' Rams will learn a variety of vocal techniques and how to sing in a group setting, all while having a fun and enjoyable musical experience! We will perform at least two concerts during the year at Trip and will have the opportunity to showcase our talents out in the community, as well! If you like to sing and dance, then Rockin' Rams is the club for you! ---- This club requires a $25 club fee. Club fees will pay for the shirt we wear for performances, the cost of a field trip, and lunch on the day of our field trip.

    Sponsor: Courtney Smith

    Meeting time: Every Thursday mornings at 7:10AM (front doors open at 7:00)

    Number of students: No limit

    First Meeting: September 13 th in the Chorus Room 

  • Garden Club

    You may sign up but you must submit a letter to Mrs. Partrick as to why you want to join this club. Twelve students will be selected from those submitting letters. Registering does not mean you are in this club. The deadline for letters is September 3rd. Only those receiving a confirmation letter from Mrs. Partrick should attend on September 13th ---- This group will learn about plants, gardening and help make the Trip Garden beautiful.

    Sponsor: Debbie Partrick, Amy Knight, and Robin Brainard

    Grades: 4 th and 5th grade students

    Number of students: Limited to 12 Students

    Meeting Time: Every other Thursday at 3:00pm

    First Meeting: Thursday, September 12th in Mrs. Partrick’s room.

  • Critter Care

    This group of students will care for the Science Special’s classroom pets. This will include feeding, watering, cleaning, and arranging their habitats. They will also be responsible for preparing the food for weekend animal visits. This club meets every Friday beginning September 7th during your time of service. There will be three groups consisting of 5 students each. Your group will serve for one 9-10 week session during the school year.

    Sponsor: Debbie Partrick

    Grades: 5th Grade Students only

    Number of students: 15 students

    Meeting Time: 7:10AM

    First Meeting: Friday, September 6th in Ms. Partrick’s classroom.