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  • Cafeteria- 678-407-7664

    Cafeteria Manager: Garry R. Davis

    Hours of Operation: 6:30am - 2:00 pm

    Mountain View High School offers an excellent lunch program to its students and staff. Student meals are $2.50 and adult meals are $3.00 for a regular meal. Lunch lines are operated on a self-serve basis allowing students a choice of items as well as portions to be served. Students may elect to serve larger portions of particular items but will be appropriately charged for these extra portions. Students are not allowed to leave the campus for lunch and all food should remain in the cafeteria.

    As a partner in education, the Gwinnett County School Nutrition Program contributes to a successful academic experience and encourages a lifetime of healthy eating by providing each student with the affordable opportunity to consume meals that are nutritious, appealing, and served by caring professionals in a pleasant environment. Please feel free to contact the cafeteria staff. 

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    There is a one charge policy during the months August thru March. A NO CHARGE POLICY will be applied between April and the end of school year.  The cashiers will begin alerting them of their low account balance once it hits the $10 amount. Once that student has entered the charge arena, they will be provided a Cheese Sandwich, fruit and Milk, twice only, to allow time for replenishing of their funds. If their funds are not replenished by then, they will be directed to a counselor so their parents can be contacted to see if they are able to apply for Free and Reduce help. No further Cheese Sandwiches will be allowed for that student until their account is cleared.


    This institution is an equal opportunity employer.