Positive Behavior Intervention Support

  • Respectful, Responsible Role-Models

    Summerour Middle School is one of many schools using a proven new approach to discipline in our schools. This "positive behavior intervention and support" (PBIS) system focuses not on the discipline of poor behavior, although that is certainly a component, but rather focuses on supporting and rewarding the positive behaviors that the vast majority of our students do daily. So much attention is traditionally focused on the students who are not behaving, but this system trains teachers to notice and reward those students that are doing what is right. This attention shift will often redirect problem behaviors, since problem behaviors are often attention-seeking.

    Summerour is focused on three behaviors that we would like to see.

    • Students will be respectful to teachers, others, and themselves.
    • Students will be responsible for their actions  and choices.
    • Students will make an effort to be a role-model  for those around them, whether younger students or their peers.

    We use a PBIS Matrix to help students understand what target behaviors look like in various locations throughout the school.

    How does PBIS work?

    Through the use of Blue Bucks, students are rewarded when teachers spot excellent behaviors. Whether it is a case of doing the right thing by helping others or simply paying attention and responding appropriately in class, a wide variety of positive behaviors are monitored and rewarded. Students can then use the Blue Bucks they earn to purchase rewards that range from comestibles to event admission.

    What if we have to discipline?

    There will always be discipline in schools. While PBIS is focused on positive behaviors in order to limit discipline instances that arise, Summerour still needs to discipline students. Each classroom has a PBIS discipline flowchart which serves to guide teachers of the discipline process we use when the need arises.

    *When reading the PBIS discipline flowchart, please begin in the upper, left-hand box: "Is the behavior office managed?"

  • P.B.I.S. Word Art

  • The PBIS School Store is open as of February 3, 2021

    Open Monday-Friday

    8:45 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.

    Students can stop at the PBIS Store (on the 2nd floor next to the elevators) on the way to homeroom or during homeroom (with a pass from their teacher, of course) to buy anything they'd like.
    We accept cash, or half-cash & half-Blue Bucks. No purchase can be made with Blue Bucks alone or the store would run out of money and never be able to restock items we need.
    Please see the list of items we stock, along with the cash price. Students can split that in half if they plan to pay with half cash and half blue bucks. Each Blue Buck is worth 50¢
    Example: Let's suppose girls' perfume is $4.00
    Option 1- Student may pay $4.00 in CASH
    Option 2- Students may pay $2.00 in cash, along with 8 blue bucks

    Friday Candy Day at the PBIS Store

    While we will not sell food or drinks, we will have candy.
    • Blue Bucks only
    • Friday mornings only
    • Candy will not be available any other day and will not be sold for cash
    • 2 blue bucks=1 piece of candy

    *online students - we haven't forgotten about you, we are working on more ways for you to redeem your Blue Bucks and directions will be forthcoming once we work out the kinks

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