• Media Center Policies & Procedures

  • Hours

    11:00AM -1:00 PM

    Parents will pick up books through the bus lanes. Please place a sign in your front window with the students name, so that we can pull the books off our cart and check them out to your child. Please stay in your car. We will bring the books out to you.


    Students with last names:

    A-G: Tuesdays from 11:00-1:00

    H-P: Wednesdays from 11:00-1:00

    Q-Z: Thursdays from 11:00-1:00

  • Checkout Policies


    • All books are due THREE weeks after checkout.
    • Students are welcome to return their books prior to the due date, so that more materials can be pulled. 
    • Magazines and graphic novels are available for checkout, but they can only checkout one at a time.

    Placing Books on Hold:

    • Student can place books on hold via the online media catalog.
    • Once books are placed on hold, they WILL NOT automatically available for pick up.
    • Parents will recieve an email once the books are available for pick up.
    • Please follow the directions and schedule in the email for book pick up.

  • Fines

    Fines for lost and damaged materials:

    • $15 for hardback books
    • $5 for paperbacks
    • $5 for magazines (replacement of the protective cover)

    *Please know that fines were waived for lost or damaged books at the beginning of the school year. All students started the school year with a clear account. However, students will be responsible for lost or damaged books for this school year. All fines will need to be paid through www.mypaymentsplus.com. 

  • Book Care

    Take good care of library materials so other students will be able to enjoy them after you.

    • Keep your book in your backpack when you are not reading it. You will always know where it is and you will have it at school when you're ready to get a new book to read.
    • Do not eat or drink while reading a library book. 
    • Do not write or draw in a library book.
    • Be careful not to tear or rip the pages of the book. 
    • Do not store your book(s) near water or snacks.