• Counselor's Corner

  • The following school counseling services are offered at Patrick Elementary. 

    Individual sessions are scheduled with students as requested by students, parents, and teachers.

    Classroom Guidance

    Classroom Guidance lessons will be scheduled in all grade levels throughout the year on a variety of topics including   Self Concept, Conflict Management, Study Skills, Personal Safety, Friendship, Peer Pressure, Bullying, and Careers. 
    Please use the link below to learn more about Classroom Guidance topics for each grade level.

    Classroom Guidance Program

    Small Groups 

    Patrick offers children the opportunity to participate in small counseling groups. Teacher or parents can refer students for these groups. Groups are conducted throughout the school year.

    The topics for the groups are based on the needs of the students. Some groups may include:

    • Family Change - Students will participate in discussion and activities dealing with divorce, stepfamilies and blended familes.
    • Grief/Loss - Students will explore their feelings about the loss of a loved one or pet.
    • Academic Success/Study Skills - Students may participate in the Mentoring Minds after school program conducted through the guidance program. Students will learn strategies to effectively use their agendas and take part in activities to improve their understanding of the impact of daily work and work habits on their overall grades. Students, high school students and volunteers mentoring each other and assist with homework questions.
    • Friendship Skills - Students will learn pro-social skills and behavior and how to make and keep friends. We will discuss specific behaviors that may keep student from getting along with their friends and ways to replace those behaviors with appropriate ones. Students may participate in clubs or activities that encourage them to model this behavior.
    • Anxiety Coping Skills - Students will learn skills on how to handle intense fears or discomfort.​
    • New Students Group - Students new to the school will develop skills to make transition easier.


  • Counselor's Corner