Step Team

  • The purpose of the Mountain View "Majesty" Step Team is to foster an active interest in the historical African-American art of stepping, promoting diversity and encouraging and inspiring members towards fortitude and accomplishment. Majesty will engage in fundraising, group outings, performances, community service, and other activities.  With practice, perseverance, and team work, all members of the team will be encouraged to increase their skill level in stepping, with camaraderie and enjoyment.

    Understand that being a member of the MV “Majesty” Step Team is an honor and a privilege. In addition, dedication, respect and good sportsmanship will always be displayed throughout the season during school and school events. Each team member will follow all school rules set forth in the student handbook at all events in order to remain a member of the step team.

    For more information Contact Shelly Watson or come to room C210 in the Business Ed. Pod.