Welcome to White Oak Elementary School!

  • Principal Loethan It is our vision that White Oak be a school where everyone thinks and works together, where teaching and learning is interactive, where small group inquiry crosses the curriculum, and technology expands student and teacher learning beyond the walls of the classroom. It is our goal to develop a Community of Thinkers, Learners and Leaders.  In order to realize our vision and goal, we have embraced the Balanced Literacy and Numeracy Models of Instruction, along with Inquiry, STEM and Twenty-First Century Learning Skills.  

    White Oak is not a typical elementary school, we do not reflect the traditional definition of school; in fact, if you are looking for typical, preconceived standards you might miss the implicit integration of the content and learning that occurs in every classroom every day.  Rigorous learning opportunities are the norm for all of our students kindergarten through fifth grades. The focus at White Oak is on teaching and learning with our emphasis on student learning and achievement each and everyday. This is accomplished by creating a learning environment that fosters and values student thinking, problem solving, differentiation, choice, discussion, collaboration, and individual responsibility of learning.

    I believe that White Oak Elementary School is a magical place where the love for learning is instilled in every student, where students’ wonders are encouraged then honored, where creativity is fostered and expected, where students’ questions are researched and answered, finally, where learning is occurring at the highest level so students are prepared for their future!  I hope as you engage at our school you too will see the magic that occurs in every classroom!  

    It is an honor and pleasure to serve as the principal of White Oak Elementary School.  I thank you for entrusting your students to us and your continued support of the instructional program at our school!  I encourage every family to get involved with their student’s learning as together we will achieve the highest levels of student success for all.

    Looking forward to working with your children!

    Ms. Jean Loethen