• Counseling

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  • eClass Resources

    Links on e-Class: 


    ~Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity:  Students will receive classroom lessons with the counselors regarding cultural sensitivity and respecting differences. A link to optional activities/ projects regarding Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity can be found on Dyer Elementary’s Counseling Page on your student’s e-Class Course Pages.  If you decide to allow your student to participate in one of our activities by sharing your culture with us at the school, your student and their project will be spotlighted on this webpage as well as the morning announcements.    


    ~Weekly Character Building/ Mindfulness Lessons and tips:  Students will receive exposure to character traits and mindfulness techniques designed to build character and awareness.   


    ~Virtual Calm Down Room:  Students can access links to resources that could help them feel calm during times when they may feel stressed or overwhelmed.   

  • About the Counselors

    Dawn Garner

    Mrs. Garner graduated from Emory University with a double major in Psychology and Spanish. She received her Master's and Specialist in School Counseling from Georgia State University. She has been a counselor at Dyer since 2002 and in the county since 1998. Mrs. Garner is fluent in Spanish. She enjoys using puppets in her classroom lessons. Mrs. Garner often uses play counseling with students. She loves her job! 

    Mrs. Garner will be supervising a Georgia State University Master's Degree Counseling Intern, Shelby Gonzalez. She will conduct lessons, see students individually and facilitate groups during her time at Dyer. She can be emailed at shelby.gonzalez@gcpsk12.org. 

    Melody Ellis

    Mrs. Ellis graduated from Albany State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education. In 2013, she earned a Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Cambridge College. Along with nineteen years of authentic teaching experience, Mrs. Ellis is also endorsed in ESOL and Gifted Education. She has been with Gwinnett County Public Schools since 2015. Mrs. Ellis loves helping students realize the possibilities through their own goal setting. It is her passion!

  • Philosophy


    The Dyer Elementary School Counselors believe that all students can learn and maintains a diligent focus on academic, personal/social and career development. We assert that all students have a right to be served by the school counseling department and that the needs of every student are best addressed by a research-based data-driven comprehensive program led by competent, ethical, effective school counselors. Students should have access to a school counselor for both preventative measures and intervention as needed. We adhere to the belief that a counseling program should be evaluated and improved on a continual basis in order to adapt to and assist students as they develop and mature in an ever-changing society.

  • Vision


    We envision success for all students in the personal/social, academic and career domains and that with a comprehensive counseling plan that has both prevention and intervention aspects, all children will achieve success in school and be prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society.

  • Mission


    We strive to remove barriers to academic achievement, promote a safe and secure environment through prevention programs, provide staff and parent consultation and conduct effective individual counseling, group sessions and classroom lessons.

  • Resources Near Dyer

    There are many great resources located around Dyer Elementary. Please use this Google Map link to explore local resources.