• Check-Out Procedure

    Please send a written note with your child on the day you will be checking him/her out.  Your child should give this note to the teacher he/she has during the period in which he/she is to be checked out.  At the check-out time, your child should gather his/her things and report to the front office where you can sign your student out.  This procedure will protect learning time by eliminating calls into classrooms that interrupt the learning of the entire class.

    We do require photo identification and pre-approval on the student information card (clinic card) for all persons checking children out.  This means that if an older sibling, neighbor, or relative is not listed on the student information card as approved to check your child out, we will not release your child to them.  A written note is not sufficient to approve someone walking in to check your child out.  Any additions or deletions that you want to make to the approved persons list must be done in person.  Please understand that this is a security issue and that we have the safety of your student at heart.

    Check-outs are not permitted after 3:30 pm