• Cafeteria Information 

    A well-balanced, hot lunch is offered for $2.25 daily. Reduced lunch is $0.40. Extra milk can be purchased for an additional $0.40 and an additional entree can be purchased for $2.00.

    Breakfast is available between 8:20 - 8:45 AM at a cost of $1.50 daily. Reduced breakfast will be $0.30. If your child wishes to purchase milk only, the cost is $0.40.  Your child may pay cash daily or prepay either in person or online.


    Students can prepay any day of the week. You may pay for as many days/months in advance as you would like. The payment is credited to the student ID meal account. Each child enters their ID number on a keypad at the time of purchase. ALL CHECKS MUST HAVE THE STUDENT'S AND TEACHER'S NAME ON THEM AND STUDENT ID NUMBER. IF A CHECK COVERS MORE THAN ONE STUDENT (BROTHERS AND SISTERS), ALL STUDENT NAMES AND TEACHER NAMES MUST APPEAR ON THE CHECK. Please make checks payable to: Freeman's Mill Cafeteria.

    Free and Reduced Meal Applications:

    Free and Reduced meal applications are provided for all students in compliance with Federal Regulations. A summary of application guidelines follows:

    1. If your child received free or reduced meals last year at any Gwinnett County Public School, he/she will continue to receive them until a new application is received and approved. Please check with our nutrition manager for the deadline date for new applications in this situation. Otherwise, the free or reduced meals will be terminated.
    2. In order to continue free or reduced meals without interruption, the Cafeteria Manager should be notified by the parent if a student who receives free or reduced meals transfers from another Gwinnett County school to Freeman's Mill.
    3. The Cafeteria Manager should be notified if the Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS) has notified the parent in writing that your children are to receive free meals.
    4. A kindergarten student who has a brother or sister at Freeman's Mill on free or reduced meals, automatically receives free or reduced meals. The kindergarten student should be included in the family application (see #1 above). However, to prevent any confusion, the parents should notify the Cafeteria Manager when the student starts school.
    5. Free/Reduced applications are available at the local school. Click here to apply safely and securely online.  This new online service allows faster processing of your application and is available at your convenience 24 / 7. Only one application will need to be completed for a family.

    Charging Meals:

    If a child forgets his lunch money, he/she may charge the regular lunch. The child will bring home a charge slip to the parents notifying them of the charge. If there is a second charge, a reminder note will be sent home. If the child has $6.00 in charges, the child will be given a sandwich and milk for lunch. Please help us keep down the cost of school lunches by paying charges promptly.

    If your child has an allergy to milk and he/she requires a substitute beverage when purchasing a lunch, a doctor's letter to verify the milk allergy must be given to the Cafeteria Manager.

    If your religion prohibits your child from eating certain foods, please notify the Cafeteria Manager in writing.