• Meet Our Counselor

    Mrs. Elizabeth Miller has been a school counselor for many years and looks forward to working with students, parents, and teachers in order to help students be successful in school and beyond!

    Works with all students--Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

    Email: Elizabeth_B_Miller@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

    Phone: 678-377-8968


    The mission statement of Freeman’s Mill Elementary School Counseling Program is to reduce barriers to academic achievement and encourage excellence in all students by promoting academic, personal and social, and career development. 


    Freeman’s Mill Elementary School Counseling Department will encourage excellence by providing guidance, support, and responsive services to all students, thus fostering the development of lifelong learners and respectful citizens.

  • Counseling Services

    Counselors abide by the professional ethics of guidance and counseling as advocated by the Gwinnett County Schools' Policy and Procedures and the American School Counseling Association. We participate in an ongoing program of training to maintain a quality school counseling program. As part of this program, we teach core curriculum counseling lessons that focus on three domains: academic, career, and social/emotional. Our core curriculum counseling topics include taking responsibility for actions, having respect for self and others, basic life skills (i.e. communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution), and academically related skills (i.e. listening, time management, organization, and test-taking skills).

    Small group counseling is also offered for students. Two different types of groups are offered: resiliency-based groups and study skills groups. 

    Resiliency-based groups are research-based and focus on skills that help a student improve his/her resiliency and ability to get through difficult situations. There are approximately 16 sessions in this group, and each session takes place once a week during the student's lunchtime, so as not to interrupt instruction. The following topics are covered: What is resiliency? Being Healthy, Goal-Setting, Problem Solving, Feelings, Managing Stress, Personal Competency (the student's strengths, etc.), Social Competency (how to be a good friend, etc.) and Positive Outlook. 

    Study Skills groups focus on helping a student improve his/her study skills in order to perform better academically. These groups use Robin Zorn's STEP-UP method to learning study skills, which covers the following topics: Space (setting up one's homework space), Tools (things students use to study), Ending (goal-setting), Paying Attention, Understanding Directions, and Practicing (actually applying these skills). These groups will also meet weekly during the student's lunchtime, and the groups last most of the semester. 

    If you would like your student to participate in either of these groups or have any questions or concerns, please contact Elizabeth Miller at elizabeth_b_miller@gwinnett.k12.ga.us

    Parent and teacher consultation is also part of our counseling services. 

  • Parenting Links

    Parenting Education

    About Our Kids is a program of the NYU Child Study Center, a division of the NYU school of medicine. 
    Great information on parenting and mental health issues.

    Safety On The Internet provides parents good information related to child safety on the Internet.

    You Can Handle Them All is a guide for parents about specific discipline problems.

    Students with Special Needs

    Georgia Special Needs Scholarship/SB10 - Parents of Special Needs students may contact the special education department for questions regarding Georgia Special Needs Scholarship/SB10 and refer to the GCPS special education website to access the notification letter and application form. 

    Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (C.H.A.D.D.) is an organization for the support of parents to better the lives of individuals with attention deficit disorder. 

    Parent Support provides information for parents of children with disabilities. 


    Helping Your Child Improve In Test Taking is a parent on-line book to help your child improve test-taking skills.


    US Department of Education is a good source of information on various topics including the following:

    Helping Your Child Become a Reader

    Helping Your Child Learn Science

    Helping Your Child Learn Math

    Children’s Literature Web Guide gives detailed information about children's books.

    Special Topics

    Get The Angries Out has lessons in Conflict Resolution.

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