Leaders in Blended and Personalized Learning

  • dr. christopher ray

    Dr. Christopher Ray is a visionary leader who, over the past eight years, has assembled an outstanding group of educators to successfully develop a full-time grades 4 - 12 blended/online school. Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC) is recognized as one of the best online schools in the nation. Though his leadership, Gwinnett Online Campus is transforming education throughout the Gwinnett County Public School district which is the 13th largest public school district in the nation. Through the full-time school or supplemental program, over 3,700 students take courses at GOC each year. All of the digital content is developed by GOC teachers resulting in high academic achievement. With a systems management philosophy, Dr. Ray continually dreams big about the future. His goal is to transform the way instruction is delivered and go beyond the traditional school paradyms of the past. Through the development of many innovative blended models, Gwinnett Online Campus has proven that blended learning can bring outstanding academic results. Dr. Ray focuses on individual's strengths with a focus on excellence. He believes in building the capacity of each individual and sets high expectations for continued growth and development. Each year, staff, parent, and student surveys reveal high satisfaction for the overall school program. Every public school district in the greater Atlanta area and surrounding counties have visited Gwinnett Online Campus to learn how blended learning is implemented and leveraged across the district. Major technology companies also recognize GOC as being a leader in online education and a trailblazer for the future.

THE EDTECH AWARDS 2019 | Lighting the Way

  • Leadership Finalist

     Dr. Ray is presented the EdTech Finalist Award for Leadership

     Dr. Christopher Ray, Gwinnett Online Campus Principal, is a 2019 Ed Tech Awards Finalist in the category for Leadership - School Leader.