General Information

  • Gwinnett Online Campus is pleased to offer several classes in the Fine Arts, including music, theater, and art. In addition to classes, activities are offered on campus including annual talent shows and musical theater productions. The high school orchestra and chorus classes are hybrid classes where students partner with Gwinnett Symphony Orchestra and Chorus for rehearsals and performances, while the rest of the course content is online. GOC also offers Fine Arts Club activities on campus.

Fine Arts Course Offerings

  • Elementary School General Music

    Middle School General Music

    Middle School Theatre Arts Appreciation

    High School Fundamentals of Theatre

    High School Chorus

    High School Orchestra

    High School Advanced Placement Music Theory


  • ap music theory now available at goc

    AP Music Theory courses require students to pick up textbooks from our campus. These materials can be picked up during our scheduled materials pickup times each semester.

AP Course Offerings

Department Chair

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