General Information

  • Learning a foreign language takes time and practice. There are many different activities to help you be successful. Students are expected to be an active participant in discussions and all assignments- many of which require students to record themselves speaking or listen to and repeat audio. On average students should expect to spend 60-90 minutes per day during a semester working on mastering the language.


  • All instructors will hold Kaltura help sessions each week and review sessions before summative assessments. These live sessions are designed to provide an opportunity for remediation, reinforcement, and extension. Review sessions will be recorded and posted in the course for those students unable to login live. Students should attend these live sessions or plan to view the recordings of the sessions.

In-Person and Online Requirements

  • Students are expected to attend or complete a face-to-face or virtual orientation. The specific time and location will be posted in course pages and a welcome email. All student must take a final exam or End of Course test. The date and format (face-to-face or virtual) will be posted on course pages and through email.

Department Chair