General Information

  • All language arts courses include a balance of composition, applied grammar, and literature. The development of vocabulary, speaking, listening, researching, and test-taking skills is an integral part of the curriculum. Students taking an online language arts class will have course assignments due every day (Monday through Friday). Course content is available 24/7. Students are encouraged to work ahead on assignments, and they have access to all materials except final exams from the first day of the course. Late work is not accepted unless the student has a documented emergency or an excused absence. On average students should expect to spend 60-90 minutes per day during a semester, 120-150 minutes per day during a mini semester, and 240 minutes per day during a summer semester.

Summer Reading

  • Students at GOC do not have a formal summer reading assignment; however, we do encourage all students to read during summer break! myON Reader has partnered with the Get Georgia Reading Campain to provide every child in Georgia with FREE access anytime, anywhere to a library of more than 8,000 enhanced digital books with multimedia supports — over the entire summer.

    These digital books really bring stories to life and provide audio support that creates a truly magical experience for kids and teens, making the joy of reading fun for all!

    Login information:
    School Name: Get Georgia Reading
    (Note: DO NOT cut and paste, please start typing “Get Georgia” and select the school from the drop-down menu)
    Username and password: read

    During this trial, all readers will share a single account that provides them with unlimited 24×7 access to myON’s enhanced digital books, without the personalization elements.

    Click here to visit The Get Georgia Reading website.

Face to Face Requirements

  • Each student is expected to attend a face-to-face orientation meeting on the first day of class at their local school. The specific time and location will be posted in your course home page, in your welcome email, and at your local school. All students must attend a face-to-face final exam, EoCT or interim test at our Gwinnett Online Campus. The date for your specific course will be posted on the course home page.

Materials Pickup Information

  • AP Literature & Composition requires a textbook that students should pick up from our campus on the day posted for Materials Pickup. The content items for all other Language Arts courses, with the exception of some novels, are contained within the course.

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