General Information

  • Students taking an online science class should expect to log in and complete lessons and associated assignments daily. Courses can be accessed 24/7, which allows students to work ahead. Students have access to a course schedule with due dates at the beginning of the term. Late work is not accepted unless the student has a documented emergency or an excused absence. On average, students should expect to spend 60-90 minutes per day during a semester, 120-150 minutes per day during a mini semester, and 240 minutes per day during a summer semester.


  • Instructors will hold at least one virtual class session each week. The schedule is posted in each course. These sessions are designed to enhance student mastery of the AKS and to provide an opportunity for remediation, reinforcement, and extension. Students are expected to attend these session live or watch the archived recording within 48 hours.

Face to Face Requirements

  • Each student is strongly encouraged to attend a face-to-face orientation at Gwinnett Online Campus. These are held at 3:30 p.m. All students must attend a face-to-face final exam, EOC or interim test at Gwinnett Online Campus, 713 Hi Hope Road, Lawrenceville, GA. The final exam date for your specific course will be posted on the Assessment tab on our GOC website.

    Students will be required to attend face to face two hour lab sessions on a rotating schedule during semester, mini, or summer semesters. The schedule for the lab dates and times is found on the campus calendar and home page within the course. Transportation to and from Gwinnett Online Campus is the responsibility of the student and his or her family.

Materials Pickup Information

  • There is no materials pickup for science courses. Any materials required for a science course will be distributed during the first face-to-face lab session. Although online campus does not provide calculators, a scientific calculator is recommended for chemistry and physics courses.

Department Chair

  • beakers