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JLC 1st Raider Competition Results

  • Shiloh Middle School Students Move from Semi-Finals on to the State Youth Toastmaster Competition

    Posted by Master Sergeant Hicks on 10/31/2019

    Semi Final Toastmaster Winners from Shiloh MS









    This evening six (6) of my cadets competed in the semi-finals of the Georgia Youth Toastmasters (Public speaking) contest. Our students finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectfully. Only the top three can go forward with one alternate, it was a clean sweep for our incredible students. These JLC cadets truly represented Shiloh Middle School well.

    The results of the competition were as follows:

    Nashra Khan -1st

    Kirsten Daniels - 2nd

    Lorpu Blama - 3rd

    Kafi George -4th (Alt)

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JLC 2nd Raider Competition Results

  • JLC 2nd Raider Competition Results: Overall 1st Place 

    • 1st Place 2.5 Mile Run Relay Team
    • 1st Place Sand Bag Relay Team
    • 1st Place Ruck Sack Relay Team
    • 1st Place Obstacle Course Relay Team
    • 1st Place Medicine Ball Relay Team
    • 3rd Place Tug-O-War Competition

    Individual Results

    • 1st Place Push-up Knock-out Boys
    • 1st Place Push-up Knock Out
    • 2nd Place Push-up Knock Out
    • 2nd Place Iron Raider Competition 
    • 2nd Place Iron Raider Competition 
    • 2nd Place Team Sit-Ups Competition
    • 3rd Place Push- Up Knock Out