Visitor Information

  • Shiloh MS Lobby Desk

    All visitors are required to enter the front door and to report directly to the front lobby desk to show a photo ID and sign in. A visitor’s badge will be issued and must be worn while on the school campus. 

    Parents are invited to visit the school regularly, to join us for lunch, and to be involved in all school activities. If a parent wishes to observe a classroom, parents must make arrangements with the Parent Instructional Coordinator. Students from other locations and small children will not be allowed to visit during instructional time. 

    Please understand that all movement through our building is monitored via closed circuit video cameras for student and staff safety. Parents should only be in the building for business with his/her own child or a staff member. 

    Parents are invited to eat lunch with their child, but must be seated in a designated area in the cafeteria or media center as determined by school administration and should not bring any additional food from other vendors into the school. 

    Additionally, parents should refrain from bringing gifts and other items such as balloons, flowers, cupcakes, etc. to school as these items will not be allowed in the classroom. 

    Visitor parking is located in the front and side lots. Handicap parking is located in the front and in the rear, close to the I hall. 

    No visitor may park along the curb. These are marked Fire Lanes. Violators may be ticketed or have their automobile towed at the owner’s expense.