Healthcare Science

  • The Healthcare Science Technology program exposes the student to a wide range of medical career opportunities, assists in narrowing down careers in terms of the student’s own aptitudes and interests, and provides the student with the academic knowledge, skills, and training for entry-level positions or post-secondary education in health care services. The program prepares the student for the multiple roles one encounters in life by developing decision-making skills based on explorative and educational experiences. This course is a pre-requisite for all Healthcare Science Technology Programs offered at Maxwell High School of Technology

    Introduction to Healthcare Science is a foundations course for all the Healthcare Science Pathways. It is appropriate for students wishing to pursue a career in the Healthcare Industry. The course will enable students to receive initial exposure to Healthcare Science skills and attitudes applicable to the healthcare industry. The concepts of health, wellness, and preventative care are evaluated, as well as, ethical and legal responsibilities of today’s healthcare provider. Fundamental healthcare skills development is initiated including medical terminology, microbiology, and basic life support. Students are required to meet both national and intrastate professional guidelines as designated by applicable regulatory agencies such as the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Mastery of these standards through project-based learning, technical skills practice, and leadership development activities of the career and technical student organization -Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) will provide students with a competitive edge for either entry into the healthcare global marketplace and/or the post-secondary institution of their choice to continue their education and training. This course is considered broad-based with high impact and is a prerequisite for all Healthcare Science Education courses.

       Healthcare Science Pathways

    Maxwell Healthcare Science Technical Education (Additional Credit given for 4th Science Elective)

    I.  First Semester

    A. Intro to Healthcare Science* (all students take this course)
        Anatomy & Physiology*, Medical Terminology*, Personal Protective Equipment, CPR and First Aid
    • Allied, Essentials (A&P)
    B. Pathway Decision (every effort is made to provide the student with their first or second choice however the final decision is based on academic achievement, skill performance, observable behaviors, and attendance)

    II. Second Semester: All students begin concentration of courses in the chosen Pathway

    A. Emergency Medical Responder 

    (1)   Introduction to Healthcare Science
    (2)   Essentials of Healthcare
    (3)   Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)- must be BLS CPR Healthcare Provider certified - class will be given for a nominal charge at the beginning of the first semester
    (4)   Embedded Anatomy and Physiology credit

    B.   Allied Health Cares: Multi-Career Focus (Dental, Imaging, Medical Assistant, Medical Lab, Pharmacy, Physician and other related medical careers.) (Ms. Entrekin and Mr. Wojtkowski)

    (1)   Introduction to Healthcare Care Science
    (2)   Allied Health and Medicine
    (3)   Essentials of Healthcare
    (4)   Embedded Anatomy and Physiology credit

    C.   Sports Medicine (Ms. Compton)

    (1)   Introduction to Healthcare Science
    (2)   Essentials of Healthcare
    (3)   Sports Medicine

    Healthcare Science Student Organization




    The mission of HOSA:

    The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science technology education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community.

    Through the HOSA Competitive Events Program, members can compete in teams or as individuals in over 55 different events related to all aspects of the health care industry. HOSA integrates into the Health Science Technology Education curriculum to develop and recognize smart, dedicated, and passionate future health professionals.